Remember the Rescues, 10JUL – #892


#892, 10JUL

Remember the Rescues

This passage from Michael Card is great for today…. it’s not the miracles that convince us,  it is those rescues from sinking that we remember… yes, the rescues…

Like Peter and sinking after walking…

We remember the rescues.

“[There] was a deeper lesson [Peter] had to learn, and Jesus is intent on him not missing it, even as now you and I must learn it if we are to move forward as we walk through the wind storm of following Jesus. It is almost never heard in American churches. Indeed there are some congregation who would call it heresy. The lesson is that Peter needed to sink in order to take the next step of faith in Jesus. Because walking on the water does not ultimately increase our faith, only sinking does! Those who ask for miracles and receive them soon forget. But those who suffer for Christ’s sake never forget. They have their own wounds to remind them. When we are hurting we do not flee to the rich and healthy for wisdom and real comfort. We seek out those who have fellowshipped in the sufferings of Jesus.”

Michael Card, p53 A Fragile Stone

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