Chain Reactions, 29JUL – #901


#901, 29JUL

Chain Reactions

God did good today, and so did His Angels. Especially for my daughter’s birthday. A chain reaction of car accidents stopped right in front of us, everyone was fine, but not those cars or tractor trailer frames, ouch, mangled bumpers and we were all so glad the tractor trailer hit the guard rail to take most of the brunt and that he didn’t tip over.

We were fine, amazingly a police officer was in the backed up traffic too and instantly there. We saw the people get out of the cars. Thank God the car behind me stopped in time too. A hedge of protection for sure. I raised my hand to the sky in thankfulness, heaped praises to the Lord in humbled halleluiahs. My daughter had just finished saying she preferred taking the train to inner city. It was stressful driving, it was a great save in our day.

There is something to be said for keeping a safe following distance,  it helps give angels more time to move in. 

Chain Reactions are bad on highways, angels are always needed.


It was my daughter’s 19th birthday, was a fabulous day, she and I spent all day together, from presents to free Starbucks to a trip to a fancy art store in inner city, to a bubble tea place, to home, time for painting and resin pouring, kitty time, takeout steaks and movie watching – and our new norm is always prayers at night. Thankful prayers.  REALLY thankful as it could have taken a REALLY bad turn at that moment on the highway, but it DIDN’T. Just luck? No, because God INTERVENED thru our Holy Spirit. I didn’t really even think of the “what ifs”, I just reacted, then we kept moving… We were and are blessed with a chain reaction of Spirit flowing, of Angel-catches, and of paced timing.

Chain reactions in life can be harsh like car accidents or an intricate process for good – like God starting something, angels intervening, and so forth down the line… Everything is connected like a chain. Death could have been the end of the chain, our individual chain, except it isn’t – because when we accept His gift of salvation, JESUS RESTORES OUR LINK TO LIFE EVERLASTING.

There is another chain reaction to consider – but it is the reaction of our chains to Jesus, He breaks the chains that bind us, our chains forged in life and originally by sin, worldly things, death – these are broken and we are supposed to shake them off because Jesus broke them thru His death and Resurrection. Jesus is our Savior. His Alpha and Omega are not on separate ends as much as they are linked together. Love links all. The reaction chain of Him saving us means that our Father in Heaven can have us home.

SO…, live today like you should, form new links of life knowing Jesus is our link, our vine. Keep a safe following distance and watch for changing times. Keeping linked with others and with Jesus, faith in faith…

Thank You Lord for my children, my life, my links, my missions and Your SAVE.

Thank You Lord.



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