Jonah, more and more lessons, 31AUG – #923


Great video, to watch Jonah and about the extravagant love of God: 

That same theme – God decides that His people are worth it….   I really liked the Jonah Sight and Sound version as well, which I recently watched on video…

On YouTube, the Bible Project, is neat. It’s like a story book drawn from the scripture but spoken for a lot of info to be presented at the same time…

I just happened to see it while searching for info about Jonah. The kids books are not as in depth as this video… God’s message always comes with a lifetime of learning. 

The take home message (there are many) is Jonah, as a prophet, was told to go to a certain place, Nineveh, but he DIDN’T want to go… then he ran away on a ship towards a different place but there was a giant storm and he ended up making the sailors toss him overboard, he realized that running away from God was making God chase after him... in the sea, he got swallowed by a whale, he lives 3 days in the belly! When Jonah told God “OK I will do whatever you tell me to do”,  the whale spit him out onto the land of the place where the Lord want him to go originally, Nineveh…

In this place,  Nineveh, Jonah thought he could just tell them the Lord’s message, that they would be overturned in 40 days and just be done with it, then he travelled outside of town to camp and watch the destruction (popcorn anyone?)… but it turns out the people started to repent, the wicked people LISTENED wow, turned away from evil and listened to God, so God decided to spare them. Jonah was mad again! He wanted God to destroy the wicked people and here God showed them forgiveness, isn’t that fitting for God to be GRACE-giving. God is an extravagant generous forgiving loving God…. He is… Jesus tried to tell the world this… 

In the desert, Jonah got a small dose of relief from the sun’s heat by God growing a tree,  just for Jonah, that grew rapidly to give him shade, and then God sent a worm to destroy the tree. Jonah was upset, he loved the shade of the tree. Then God essentially said: “look, if you loved the tree so much, then why can’t I love and forgive all the sinners and spare their lives, and the lives of their cattle too???!!!. I’m God and I can choose to LOVE and FORGIVE.”

It’s a double lesson that even though we may have enemies, God loves them. We can’t wish evil on them, we are to leave them in God’s hands. We are to love our enemies and even tell them that they are loved by God. 

And of course the lesson that God has a mission for us, whether we like it or not, we are to go where God needs us.  He will even use storms in our lives to bring us there. And He will send us love and forgive us for our actions and thoughts, extravagantly. He loves us and first asks for our love in return. God loves all, we are all important to Him.

 That’s my take on Jonah and the whale, in a nutshell…

God in a God-shell is:



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