Fuel our Faith, 10SEP – #928


I was sitting in gridlock this morning at a Dunkin Donuts and how  amazing that we all can be stuck in the midst of extravagant excess. This is not a line at a gas crisis but for coffee and egg sandwiches we actually could make at home for pennies on the dollar. No coffee for me but for my son, I always get his favorite egg wraps. We do get stuck in our routines, our plan, our excess. Sometimes stripping all fluff away, removing our burdens of busyness,  we could actually see the road laid down for us to traverse and find our way, if only we would choose to see… When we are disconnected, if only we at least know WHOM to ask. We need to Connect thru Christ. We need to try to connect Him to the disconnected in our lives. We could wait for our Faith Fuel but we don’t have to, He has no line and no waiting!!!

Sometimes we are so worried about ourselves that we forget we are part of a whole ONE body in Christ… We are on this journey together and yet some people have forgotten to pack their maps, some people were left at home, and some people think we’re done and already at our destination… 

The truth is we still have others to reach, fill their emotional tanks with fuel, draw out new versions of maps to a God who is unchanging. We can point in the way of the WAY. Jesus has already laid out the map but we need our GPS “God Positioning System” to Jesus… Paper-based maps work – electronic maps work – people whispering down the lane works.  A trail not of breadcrumbs but planted seeds works. And combined with the internal navigation thru Jesus and the Spirit, we hope to read the signs of the times…

Jesus asked our Heavenly Father, God Almighty, to designate an Advocate. He back-filled the position, to entrust our journeys to the Holy Spirit. He also left detailed maps in the Word, and inspired blessed mapmaker scribes. We continue to be living scribes, witnesses of Him saving our lives.

So what about this trust, this unknown found in disconnected folks and often us? Can we ask for directions? Often we are not knowing where to look, or even where to start, so let’s simply hop right into the journey, start now to walk more closely knowing the Light of the World IS Jesus. Just ask Him to turn on the Light even BRIGHTER for you to see. 

Jesus laid down His life, surely He can lay out a path. It doesn’t matter where we start as long as we know Jesus already finished. In our time on earth, we just have to finish our jobs to spread out these maps of the Way to all corners of the globe… that’s sharing the good news… CONNECT with Jesus for Jesus.  Connect with all – for all. 

Jesus, please strip away our clouded views and self-righteous empowerment and our fuzziness of focus. Remove our disconnect from YOU and each other… Connect us, so we shine YOU thru us…

Help us keep journeying. Fill in our map gaps. Fuel our faith… Shine on…


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