Pray for the Lost, 29SEP – #942


I understand that craving for scripture and especially for Jesus.  If you can’t get enough of the Spirit it’s because you can never get enough!!! I can attest to that!!! What exposure to the scriptures presented has not sunk in, rolls off like you were wearing  a raincoat, beads collected roll off faster. Dry soil. So when you do start to understand, you realize that you didn’t,  but you now do. AND YOU ARE THIRSTY.

Are there other thirsty souls? There must be. Yes there are. Pray for the Lost. Prayers collectively are not just the least we could do but the most important activity we could do. And prayers for and with the lost are not wasted but wanted and warranted

And I don’t know how to explain it “nicely”, but a church needs to reach people, using as many opportunities as it can create, not just leaving it up to the higher ups. We all need to reach people and provide opportunities for spiritual feeding. All activities need a moment of looking for the lost, a scanning of the crowd, pulling aside the parched, in need of a moment to learn about God’s love and purpose for them. To reach one person deeply only comes by looking for them just as deep.

If we realize how we are lost, then Jesus makes more sense to us. If we realize why we are lost, then the shame dissipates. If we don’t know either how or why, Jesus looks for us even deeper. If we know Jesus looked and found us, then when pray for the lost, we are to pray knowing the how of Jesus’s intervention is divine and the why of Jesus’s intervention is because of the deepest of LOVE. No shame or blame, Jesus reaching others is a divine directive for God’s gain. JESUS HAS NEVER FELT SHAME FOR SHARING LOVE, JESUS IS LOVE. 

OUR WITNESS, in our worship, is our witness to being thankful, it is our window to our souls being spiritually seeking. Opportunities abound for people lost and found to see us seeking. We can make open window displays of thankfulness but not pride. For we were lost and pride got in the way.  If we don’t display our open windows of humbleness and seek-ful spirituality, the lost are going to keep walking on by. Even if they are becoming more and more alive and aware in spiritually seeking, they might keep walking to find a more welcoming party to the well, people like them. Sometimes the looking lost will seek those who show their faith MORE THIRST-ILY, those seeking the waters of Jesus to quench their own thirst.

If churches were watering holes, better to be open streams than closed off spas.

If we were lone hikers and had water, and came across a lost and thirsty soul, we would share. Let’s not keep Jesus to ourselves. 

“PRAY for the lost” – that was the best advice I have received in months and months.  It’s a soul-centering call to action. It puts my focus off of me, and gives me, and us, a wide window of opportunity for helping Jesus to help others.  PRAY FOR THE LOST. That’s EXACTLY what Jesus Himself was and still is doing for you.

“Strengthen your brothers” – Pray for the lost – Be an open book of faith.


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