The Lord’s Leverage, 08OCT – #948


Without getting into details of all my sinful ways, I can generally see or at least guess that the Lord has gotten more LEVERAGE out of my recent strife, drawing me closer to Him. He gets more movement out of our down times and foibles then the devil has ever gotten from inciting dastardly derision of us. I believe in the Lord’s Leverage. I pray peace and purpose. Prayer Warriors unite, we can be part of the Lord’s Leverage thru all.

In my awakened morning just now, instead of confusion, I get contemplation. In quiet time,  He quiets me so I can watch His brainstorming into my life.  I listen to His Love. In my time sharing, the Lord gets my longing, and my thankfulness. In everything, Jesus gets my soul, because He took it anyway, Jesus chooses to choose us, to judge without weighing sins against us. For all my awakened awareness, I can tell you that Jesus was never NOT going to go after my soul. His leverage in me is from taking me. Jesus got to me first, and I pray He always does.

If the Word was with God and is God, our foundation is fundamentally in Him, no matter how human we are.

Leverage. Many convergent conversations recently have been about the coldest person being easier to become on fire for the Lord than any lukewarm person is. Better than continued mildness, the Lord leverages miraculous life overhauls.  He is just looking for the opportunity to slide under like a crowbar and flip your lid. Be open to the cracks under your feet. Be ready for the Lord wants to rock your world. Be ready for belonging. Be His.

We ask Him to leverage all that’s lacking in our understanding. Ask Him for a new start. Buy into His Plans, because He already thought of you when He made them. 

Lord, please make warriors from worriers.

Make men from mice.

Make molehills from mountains. 

Make us thine, keep us in line. 

Keep our eyes open, keeping you in mind.

Bless and LEVERAGE our time. 


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