Hand it to Jesus, 12OCT – #949


Jesus, you have to “hand it” to Jesus. He knows what we need, works for our Father, and was there at the beginning and will be there at the end. He will open the Revelation-told scroll, that only He, as the Lamb, can open. 

Jesus’s hands have been on my mind from two different songs by Michael Card (Scribbling in the Sand, and Come to the Table). Describing Jesus’s hand that scribbled in the sand as those potential rock throwers set their rocks down. Describing Jesus as the Word being the hand of God writing the commandments.  And Jesus with His own hands breaking the bread to symbolize Himself, just before His hands became pierced in death.

I expand on this handy thought of Jesus, I remember so many other “hands-on” Jesus moments, with scripture and with me. Jesus has the Hands to handle life and He handled death too. Please hand everything you have to Jesus, He will “give you a hand” to lighten your load. He wants it all. Jesus is best in our lives when we appreciate watching His “hands on” approach. We can “give Him a hand” and cheer on His amazing journey thru others, thru us. 

Jesus’s hands at the beginning of His Written Ministry opened the Temple scroll of the prophesies to the passage that described His coming and His life. He essentially read Himself, a first-hand account if there ever was one. Jesus was raised to learn to use His hands from His carpenter father Joseph and Jesus was raised to learn His place next to His Heavenly Father’s Hand. 

Jesus’s hands lifted children, and made mud for a blind man to see. Jesus hand cooked fish for His disciples; He hand-picked those disciples too. Jesus took the hand of a child to raise her from death’s sleep. Jesus put his hands inside the ears of a man needing to hear. His hands washed the feet of His disciples whom then became, like us, His hands and feet. 

His Hand will always knock on our door to see if we will open up our lives to Him. Jesus took my hand to remind me that He is ever present. He wants His church (all of us) collectively to live hand in hand as His Bride. 

Is Jesus worth holding on to? HE IS. He makes us worthy thru Him, to become whole from His handcrafted love. Jesus gives us Spirit within us which should be handled with care by us, fed, nurtured, shared. 

One day, Jesus will hand you a stone with a new name on it for you. Jesus will call you, reach for your hand to pull you up into forever life. Peter sunk but was raised up from the water and his wandering. We, like Peter, will always have Jesus’s hand to grab. Jesus will handle your situations on earth and then handle your case with God when you stand together in forgiving judgement for your life. Jesus will fight for and win your soul, hands down. 

Jesus, Hand it to Jesus. His are the Hands that Save.


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