Disturbance in the Force? 21NOV – #977


Even life has a continuation after death, when our loved ones pass, we pray they find their way. The Way finds them. The Way finds us – the Way has always been asking ahead of time for us to find the Way…

When my aunt passed away, I didn’t feel “a disturbance in the force” – like Yoda or Obi-Wan Kenobi when they sensed a whole planet being destroyed by the dark side in fictional movie form. I didn’t think she had disappeared into nothingness. Her soul was searching whether she was or not. I know that she didn’t display book knowledge faith, but her simple lifestyle and pure heart registered her as eligible for Jesus as anyone, to show Himself unveiled and the “as plain as plain could be” GOOD decision. He could and would be in those last moments, to be the explaining voice when she slipped away.  She was a great and good person, the Spirit won’t leave her as a loner. Jesus, I pray her found.

I believe that we do intercede for others with our prayers.  What is not named in people’s faith is still identifiable as good and bad attributes. Some may have denials but many simply have “un-reveals”. The blockage from open eyes does not mean their hearts are not already open for good influences. My aunt was as good as you could get. She certainly heard of Jesus thru Christmas time and Easter. She was on the good side, not the dark side.

(Fictionalized, the Dark side Darth Vader also could sense the Force. Even though evil reigned, the light never was gone… and yes even the biblically described evil-spirits, knew of and know of Jesus as powerful and as God even if they didn’t call Him Lord.)

So, I didn’t feel a disturbance that day, actually I didn’t know until the whole next day that she had passed, my Mom didn’t want to disturb my sleep. I didn’t tell my daughter until the end of that next day, she’s deep in college deadlines. Neither my mother nor I wanted to disturb the flow on earth.  But did I sense that disturbing earthquake in a distance, the shift of souls when she passed? I did not. Certainly, I can say that I am too distant in miles away and not feeling the major impact for those closest. They physically deal with the loss, as I only emotionally deal with it. Yet spiritually I had felt connected and relieved that I had talked to her, if only briefly, three times that week. Even the zoom video just watching her for a moment was comforting to my soul. I will always want to call her up – but at least she can see now and not just hear.

So my point to this long experiential explanation is that I hold onto the truth that earthly death is part of Heavenly life. A pastor I heard, in a recording that same week, sermonized his sense of Heaven being: “just one breath away” – and how this is true before life on earth and after – the Spirits of our souls never “didn’t exist” or “won’t exist” – ALL IS CONNECTED. 

Babies born (and not born) are all accounted for in the Spiritual world. That’s what the recorded sermon spoke of, and that’s where the minister of my aunt’s funeral looked to understand my aunt’s faith, having never met her. He sought to understand the family’s connections to each other, spoke to each person, and found out about her love to a stillborn older baby brother, not unusual for the early 20th century, and he was buried in the baby section of that cemetery. This was evidence to the pastor of her faith thru love to this baby that that he could hang his hope on for knowing that she had a spiritual connection. There was LOVE in the longing. There was spiritual-generated love transferred back and forth. All this is knowing that Heaven is only being a breath away. Love as deep and as wide as love could ever be, in the crossings of the Spirit across the Heaven-earth-Heaven barriers of life in flesh. There’s no barrier for LOVE.

My aunt’s funeral at this lake overview cemetery, overlooks down the hill. (I was on zoom and stayed away for logistics and covid reasons). The site of family plots on this curvy turn on a steep cliff gives quite the view, I can see it with my eyes closed. I’ve spent more time in that cemetery in memory and in honoring, in learning family history, in taking care of the flowers, than attending actual funerals. More time living in memories and learning more than mourning passings. 

My future grave plot is also there, waiting for me (even if I am not waiting for it!)… it is on the hill near my aunt’s plot, they opened the section special to raise extra funds, still it was an inexpensive location on the cliff of the roadside across from the first generation of our family to enter America. Us next generations would be lucky if that hill holds up in torrential rain! I am sure they will catch the caskets. I’m sure of the soul Catch ahead of time by Jesus as well. I’m not wanting or waiting to die, but logistically we should all be ready – not JUST by physically preparing our wills (updated and kept in a firesafe), by paying for life insurance, and by buying a funeral plot ahead of time to make it easier on our children. I’m talking about preparing ourselves emotionally, registering within our “wills” a strong WILLingness to be led to Heaven (even in torrential life storms), and our desire to share Heaven ahead of time by us bringing Heaven on earth best we can… Take the time telling and showing those around us how much we love them – that is time well spent. And time spent talking about, knowing, acknowledging, speaking of, and pursuing the LOVE of the Lord, the Owner and Creator of ALL, especially LOVE. Showing and believing in our worth thru Him AND speaking of our connection to Jesus in terms of His connection to us. Jesus is already at the ready, we have to make ourselves ready to realize. 

My funeral is not planned, neither is yours. But your forever future IS planned, thanks to Jesus, LIFE with the Lord. You won’t fall off the cliff of life, no free-fall, if you are tied to His free-saving gift: extending the Grace of God. You do have to say Yes, but know He never stops asking.

It’s not “May the Force be with you” but “May you know the Grace within you.”

Be ready for the catch. 


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