Jesus the Open Book, 31DEC – #1022


I got advice for a work document I was writing by asking someone who had recently written a similar document. I joked that I was cheating off the smart kid – but really it was and is handy to have help. I then thought this concept is just like us and Jesus. We don’t have to guess, we have to confess that He knows better than us. How fitting that we get to get to Salvation because we have Jesus. We are kind of riding on His coat tails – but not really – because to make it to Heaven, we have to NOT ride but WALK alongside Him. We do have to commit to the journey.

Recently I called a friend and he helped me fix the pipe leaking under my sink (silly I just had to tighten this ring). It is handy to have a phone a friend – phone a plumber – cheat off the smart kid… That is Jesus too – handy to have His Hand guiding ours – cheating yes by cheating death because He crushed it. The smart kid? Oh Yeah – Jesus is the smartest kid you can imagine – and He is NOT hiding His paper – and He is not even testing us. Jesus IS showing not just His paper to us but HIS OPEN BOOK.


He doesn’t open His book to just mark up our pages based on His.

He does open His book to hint His answers to us.

He doesn’t open His book to read us the riot act.

He does open His book to teach us His righteous acts.

He doesn’t open His book to write down our wrongs.

He does open His book to copy it onto our hearts.

He doesn’t open His book to cut us with the pages.

He does open His book to cut open our ears, hearts, minds and souls.

He doesn’t open His book to simply be wordy.

He does open His book to make us simply worthy.

Thank You Jesus for reading us the Way – one Word at a time.


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