Forever Love, 11FEB – #1074


The icicles have been growing, every day I can watch them lengthen in my window. If there wasn’t plastic sealing on this window, I would have already grabbed one for fun. This is a real winter for a change, with real snow and real treasures. Isn’t that one of those great childhood joys of winter? Playing in the snow, giant icicles, hitting them with snowballs and sticks. And how long could they grow? Feet long at my parent’s house. How fun to hold one that long without breaking it. My Aunt told me that on the back porch of the farmhouse she has some many feet in length from gutter to ground – I can see them in my mind.

Endless memories of fun formed by the sun. Cycles of heat, sun, cold, making the melting into more.

Isn’t that like thinking about God’s Endless love.  Watching it grow longer and stronger and more than more. It’s forevermore. We can realize His Endless Love is Love in the present, not just the past or future. Love has not ever been anything but Timeless. 

How does God look at us with adoring Love? Adoring Love is unfailing Love even when we are not ourselves unfailing.

Because His Love is from Him, it is Endless and Unbroken like Him. His Love does not depend on us. And because His Love existed for us always, not as love for the world, but love for the workers in the world, it is adoring Love because it is as specific as it is wide. The length of His days are as long as they are short. It is God doing the looking at us in Love so wide, so forever, so deeply from the depths of His Heart. He has memories of our spirit before we are even born. He remembers our youth like yesterday. He longs for us to be home with Him forever. He watches us with love and longing. He is a generous God as much as He is a jealous God. He is God loving not in cycles but forever.

We can watch and reflect on the progress of our life, but God watches the progress of our LOVE. 

Amen Lord, You are Endless Love, Faithful Love, Forever Love.

You are Love.


Song: You Are My Strength  – a favorite we sang in praise band

You are my strength

Strength like no other

Strength like no other

Reaches to me

You are my hope

Hope like no other

Hope like no other

Reaches to me

In the fullness of Your grace 

In the power of Your Name

You lift me up

You lift me up

Unfailing love

Stronger than mountains

Deeper than oceans

Reaches to me

Your love O Lord

Reaches to the heavens

Your faithfulness

 Reaches to the sky

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