God Puts His Foot Down, 23MAR – #1111


I have so many strange dreams it seems and impossible to remember them (which is probably a good thing), but I had to keep reminding myself I wanted to remember this particular dream last night.

God put his foot down on me to keep me safe.

I don’t remember the beginning of the dream sequence, I think it was my house but a different format,  I don’t know the circumstances,  I can’t remember the people… but I was sleeping or just awoken by a storm even in daylight and there was no time to jump out of bed and a tornado funnel was going alongside my long window, not a huge one but I could not deny the severity of the situation and yet only had time to pray. I don’t know why in this dream we weren’t taking cover prior, and I don’t know why I was sleeping in the daytime, I just remember it being daylight and waking up to the storm and watching the tornado go by and saying: “God help me”. HE DID.

I did not see a physical foot come down from the sky, like you would in a Monty Python sketch, but I had the feeling of a foot or a big weight come down and hold me down over my midsection because I could feel the pull of the vortex but I stayed put. Soon after I went to the other room to tell everybody (not sure who was there) what had happened and how I felt. That’s all I remember from the dream.

Held. Not away from danger but held.

Whether it’s a physical danger like a tornado or something else, maybe sickness or injury or people or …. ???, how could I not witness that God puts his foot down and protects us. 

Maybe it’s a storm that we watch from the side and realize it’s not for us to fight or flee, because God keeps us an arms-length away and then the danger is gone. He doesn’t even move us to the other room – we see the storm. Maybe it’s about the holding and rescue and not even the storm. Maybe it’s a passover of sorts where others are challenged and specifically when we listen or we ask for help, we will be saved.  Maybe God just wants us to know that He cares. He does. Maybe God says you can’t avoid all rough situations, but I CAN help you thru them. Surely it is all of these and more.

God cares enough to listen, can’t help but love, we should care enough to pray, we should love the love hold. 

We should not think God isn’t listening, because He is.

Thanks God.

Thanks for the hold.


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