Live in His Truth, 13APR – #1128


Oh how I can appreciate a continuous joyful heart…

People think I am strange because I live in joy, but I think I’m just accepting of the joy that comes from the Lord, and that is knowing He made me into me – asking me to live in His Truth – and that is connection of my Spirit knowing how to simply live in His Spirit… 

Spirit and Truth. It’s good to kneel in appreciation for knowing even just a little revelation of His Love, AND THEN LIVE IT.

His Spirit is not without battles against the evils from the dark into this world, but His Spirit reminds us He already knows victory. He is the Light. Keep faith, Jesus has overcome the world… 

The extra understanding of KEEPING JOY is to know that there will be trouble in this world, broken people, evil abounding, and simply folks who are living sleepishly and too easily swayed by the news of the day. It is best to live sheepishly rather than sleepishly, sheep to our Shephard, and challenged to be cultivating continuous ways for shining the light… 

Shine His Light and know His Truth. Keep JOY in faith and acknowledge the truth that the future is secured, don’t let your cheerful heart be hidden by your embarrassment like Adam and Eve who covered what they thought was shameful… and like Adam and Eve with fig leaves, God will provide the comforts of His coverings to still allow us to walk thru this world. We know that we must keep walking. Fig leaves are nothing compared to a new armor of God as a new layer of protection, and we also get to carry a sword/source of His Word. His Spirit within us comes with us acknowledging Him as the source. The armor helps us get thru the day. The Word is the Way. 

Joyful hearts may look like ignorance or wrongful bliss but perhaps we are NOT to look at ourselves and our sinful humanness which will distract us, but look deeper and thru into seeing Him in Truth.

When we worship IN SPIRIT and IN TRUTH, it means that our SPIRIT wants to walk and be like original Adam spirit, before the fall, before banishment, WALKING WITH GOD. When our Spirit shines through and goes beyond earthly knowledge, we connect directly into the shine of our Lord, we SEEK SPIRIT AND TRUTH.

Jesus told us of this future, and told us of the desire for heaven on earth. The grafting of our branch to His Vine is and will be a SPIRIT connection. God will water. God’s fruit will form. Don’t let the world freeze out the blooms. Shine Spirit from within and melt the world…

Know Spirit and be Truth of Worship.

Know Truth and be Spirit in Worship.

Be His Joy. 


Proverbs 15:15 “All the days of the afflicted are evil: but he that is of a merry heart has a continual feast.”

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