Our Grounded Meal, 03SEP – #1237


Well, the morning is always the best time for me to give the Lord a portion of my day – the mind is fresh – the praise is real – the morning has broken. We are best grounded from the night before and calm. 

A good night sleep is better than most anything else – I would say a good night sleep is better even than a good cry. A “Good morning Lord” is fresher than a tired “good night Lord”. Both are appreciated and blessed.

Moses was told to give a portion – the first portion of the new land’s offerings and every first preparation – as an offering to the Lord. He told Moses this as a task for handling grain and bread – but this extends to modern times as well. As what goes with processing? Time. Processing time. The time to prepare, grind, process, produce is time to think and time to give to the Lord. This is sage advice for us as well. Give the first processing, praising and pieces of peace to the Lord. Say “THANK YOU”.

Reading the Word, processing it, staying grounded in it, this is a great morning routine. This is the same as what Moses did – but on a real human level for this day and age. So, we Read the Word, Which IS Jesus, Who IS Our Daily Bread – we acknowledge Him and He blesses our time with Him and His Guidance. We learn, we are nourished, we are to partake of His whole grain ground, grounded (coming to earth from Heaven) and shared.

Our threshing floor is the base to start our day WITH HIM. Pick a chapter of the Lord and apply it to a chapter of your life. Savor a morsel of His grain. Start from Him for Him. Give Him the first loaf and His next meal given back to you is well worth waiting for.


The Lord said to Moses, “Speak to the Israelites and say to them: ‘When you enter the land to which I am taking you and you eat the food of the land, present a portion as an offering to the Lord. Present a loaf from the first of your ground meal and present it as an offering from the threshing floor. Throughout the generations to come you are to give this offering to the Lord from the first of your ground meal.’ ” Numbers 15:17-21


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