If I ever have an empty NEST, 15OCT – #1281


I won’t have to guess what to do, if ever I have an empty NEST.

Instead, I will simply ask: Hey Lord, what’s NEXT?!

I pray His good deposit made in my abilities have been worth His INVEST.

Parenting is forever but a grown child takes 20 or more years to VEST.

Yes, sometimes it may have felt like a TEST

But my solace was always found in His TEXT

Perhaps at some point, He will even allow me to get a little bit of REST.

So, when that day comes, I will still praise, LEST...

Lest I forgot to THANK Him, as I know He helped me BEST

And I will enjoy life as a new adventure, maybe travel where someone will say: “Be my GUEST“. 

Thanks Lord, you make my life blessed with ZEST.

Surely Lord, I look forward to YOUR Plans as MY NEXT.

I am forever BLESSED


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