Christmas, Fixing Gutters, Preparing for Rain, 12DEC – #1331


I was cleaning out my gutters yesterday, putting up my Christmas lights. Although I clean the corners, once a year LOL,  I never clean up the middle.  M. U. D.  Mud fully composted and mixed with roof silt. At least I had one glove on. So, I slung mud down with one hand and held lights up with the other. I do want to reconfigure all this eventually and hook up a rain barrel, take advantage of the free water, but that is a job for FUTURE. Right now, it is simply good enough to have them good enough.

When I finished with my lights, I got dinner and settled in for the night. I was happy and my neighbor was thrilled as she says it makes the biggest difference from her view across the street.

When the immense rain (and crashing temperatures) came a few hours later, wow I was glad I got all that done, that I took the warm opportunity (65 degrees) to both finish fall work (I raked 5 cans of wet leaves and mowed over the rest!) AND to get Christmas prep going.

Christmas Flood. God did the same to me and He comes back to check on His Work. He gets the job done in season. He prepares us for Christmas, for Him, if we take advantage of His season for us. Every year we get a gentle baby reminder, a softening of hearts in the Spirit of giving – He wants to prepare all of us for Christmas. He wants to clean out our gutters, but that is NOT required before He flooding-ly comes into our individual hearts.  He wants to arrive and grow. We nurture Him as we gain His wisdom, we see He wants to rake up and stow away old stuff too as He surely wants to make us fresh. It’s not the new paint job He intends, but internal repair. He works to press open the fresh air space to allow His Holy Spirit refill. He then wants to sit on the couch with you and talk about FUTURE repairs set aside for when the weather improves. Jesus wants to hang up the lights of Christmas IN us – yes the neighbors will likely notice that change, that glow, but first will we? I hope so.  Let us pray for less blown fuses. Let us look deep from the inside of our temple, knowing that God turned on our Christmas LIGHT Jesus Himself.  Immanuel, God with us.

This writing below is a reshare of my Christmas Flood pivotal piece (writing # 2) to process what I didn’t know was coming to me in 2014 – a monumental earth-shattering life change in an awakening – and it came… like a FLOOD. a Christmas Flood that took me another month to fully slog thru my mud.

If you are feeling like the mud is clogging your faith this Christmas, even a little, I encourage you to call upon our Lord to make a house call. Actually He’s already here surveying the scene. (He already paid in full, your bill will never show up, only His blood will). He has all the ladders needed. So set up your rain barrels and catch His flow. 


Merry Christmas – Let the Lord’s Light Shine.

Christmas Flood, 17DEC2014

Christmas is like a flood of spiritual emotion, not a light or sustained soaking rain that allows the parched ground to slowly open up and absorb the much needed rain. Christmas is like that short downpour deluge of flooding rain, where only some water gets to the plants and the rest runs off into the gutters or low points. Like in modern construction, we (our spiritual souls) need to set aside flood plains, safe drainage areas so that the spiritual seeds that we have planted all year long aren’t washed away … that the parched spiritual soul is not choked by flood waters. So we can nurture, patiently, our delicate growing belief that God works in our lives every day.

We need sustaining rainfall. We pray for rain, yet do we prepare for it? In the movie “Facing the Giants”, the coach of a “bad news bears”-like football team is finding the need for an emotional awakening (as well as improved football skills) both for his team and himself. A colleague relates to him the story of the two farmers in a drought…two farmers looked to God for rain, but only one prepared for it, so which fields receive the much needed rain? The gist of the quote from the movie is:

“I heard a story about two farmers who desperately needed rain. And both of them prayed for rain, but only one of them went out and prepared his fields to receive it. Which one do you think trusted God to send the rain?” Well, the one prepared his fields for it. Which one are you? Mr. Bridges (the older advisor) continued. “God will send the rain when He’s ready. You need to prepare your field to receive it.”

“Which one are you? God will send the rain when He is ready. You need to prepare your field to receive it.”

Christmas finds us year after year flooded with buckets of wasted non-nourishing rain, excessive tinsel-covered giant hailstones and mud mud mud clogging and blocking our spiritual path…. If only we set up rain collection barrels to collect the deluge of Christmas excess rain to save some for watering our souls after the new year, to use all winter until we get to the next soaking rains of Easter, the greens of spring, the rebirth thru resurrection.

How can we prepare for rain? How can we dig trenches for excess while welcoming the much needed spiritual lift that comes with a baby in a manger. How can we? PrayPray for guidance. Pray for peace and clarity in your heart. Pray for the calming presence of God. And prepare. Prepare for the arrival for both spiritual and non-spiritual abundance. While you need to appreciate and delineate between the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season and that of the showy, wing-flapping commotion caused by angels dragging your soul to the cradle…while you need to appreciate and delineate between your heart bursting with Christmas joy (think Dr Seuss’ Grinch’s heart growing “three sizes that day”) and your head saying ‘slowdown, wait, don’t get swept away with emotion’ ….

Either way, you need to prepare your fields for rain.

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