HAPPY NEW YEAR – 2022 – GOD AND YOU! 01JAN2022, #1354


2022, is this the year Jesus comes again, for you?

2022, do you vow to make THIS YEAR the best kind of new?

2022, are you ready to adjust and expand your own view?

2022, God knows not everything will work out – however you can count on Him being with YOU.

2022, sounds like a good year He made especially for you. 


Whatever you did not get done last year, you have a WHOLE NEW YEAR to get more excitement in. Happy “Every Day is a New Day” Year!

(However you still have to do last year’s dishes and laundry. Pay last year’s bills. Sorry.)

In exchange. you get to advance forward the universe one more day. Be sure to take it one day at a time. You get to shake off yesterday’s dust. You get to toss yesterday’s garbage. You MUST drop last year’s grudges and judgements. You get to sing a new song and teach the world to sing this new song for you. Don’t make a new year’s resolution, but resolve to live this year newly.

If you can be anything this year, be yourself. 

Happy New Year!

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