New Subaru – Gap Overlap


It’s good that I have a new-to-me used Subaru, because I really LOVE Subaru Foresters, but I did NOT know that I NEEDED it when I simple was wanting it, because now my older red one is in limbo…

God filled the Gap that had not even opened.

No, it’s not about God’s perfection OF our lives, we won’t get to be perfect here on earth. It’s about God’s PARTICIPATION IN and plans and purpose and PATCHING UP of our lives… it’s not about perfecting earthly things in His plans, it’s about patching our paths day to day. He covers the Gap. He makes our path to walk on top of HIS overlap. 

I could be fine with any car, we all could be, sure, if it runs, but I have been blessed over 20 years with 3 Foresters…  So I mentally moved from wanting the green Subaru I saw online on Monday back to a blue choice seen online and in my price range, and drove away with that by Friday. I enjoyed working with my salesperson, a good indication is you feel like you always knew them… yup… I got much warranty coverage including Gap coverage for insurance, I HOPE that’s unnecessary, but I got it anyway. (I also got to involve my son in the teaching process, that’s priceless). 

After being in an unknown, a known is good to just get it done quickly once you know that you are on that track. Apparently I was. What’s most remarkable to me is that I was OVERLAPPED from a GAP that I DIDN’T see coming. When I was about 95% sure about buying the blue one, I learned that my red one (intended for my son) blew a cylinder compression test… the car does runs,  but so does the shining check engine light. RATS… In other words, I needed another Subaru before I knew I needed one! The red one will drive, but not ideal for the thousands of miles I drive. I have a loaner in the driveway now too, that is God’s faithfulness, three Subarus when I need one good one. So even when I doubt “was this a good buy? A good decision?” – I remember that I NEEDED one to keep moving, and I CAN and WILL (moving my daughter out of college etc etc)… didn’t miss much work either. Now, that’s a God who delivers…

Gap coverage.  Just like a Subaru can cover bumpy terrain, God can super-duper carry you thru.  

Jesus fills our sin gap, He took death’s rap.

God gives us GOOD THINGS, but I DON’T mean Subarus. I mean God gives us, me, TIME TO THINK, including when your car is on the failure brink.

Leave the stress to the side and enjoy the ride. 

Time to think.

Time to be.

Time to still be me.

Time in a broken world to keep moving…

Drive!  Love, it’s what makes a Subaru a Subaru. 

Love it God, THANKS. 

You fill my gap.          


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