Our Father Did That


My son got home from a high school senior trip to Disney world and Florida, I can’t take credit because savings money from his youth was from his grandfather – my Dad – and that paid for that… My Dad did that…

I was thankful for sleep before a 3am wake up on the way to the trip last week, and even though I was ready to drive, he already had arranged for a ride. I am thankful that he “had things handled”. I am also thankful that he still needs me as I still got that text message 5 minutes later: “can you put money on my food card?”… ah moms… I am thankful to be a mom.

Took a power nap before I left for the delayed bus from delayed plane ride home and then slept thru a thunderstorm while resting in the car at midnight at school waiting for the returning buses (this is the benefit of text messages and phone calls). That level of peace? to sleep in the car in a thunderstorm because I needed it more than I needed to be afraid?  My Father did that – God, OUR Father. He provides the peace (and the sleep). 

Everybody is now home under one roof… The cat and the college kid too in our crew. In a house now filled with boxes and stuff, plans and purpose. A late Friday night and now an early Saturday morning – quiet, laundry, breakfast, a 3-day weekend. Yes I pay the mortgage but my Dad paid the down payment on this house for us 17 plus ago… My Dad did that…

I am grateful for all the things that the Lord has timed just right – like my son even getting to be a senior doing senior stuff in a wacky 4 years, not just that he got to Disney, but that he’s been on an airplane before, that he was with a “smaller” school crew than previous years, and that the pandemic here is minimal compared to how it had been before. I am thankful for all these things and the preparations that made me not stress.

I am thankful for his graduation coming up, a whole step into life. I am thankful for him for a car opportunity and a job opportunity and THE SUMMER – and a life today. I am thankful for my college kid daughter to have a rest opportunity, a summer opportunity and that cat – oh wow I am thankful for that cat and all the healing love she emanates in my house. 

Love and good things come from God. Being thankful too comes from God.

Thankfulness is an expression from God to God.

Our Father provides even the emotional spirit for us to rest in.

One day, when we are finally Home with our Lord, we can thankfully say “our Father did that”…  GOT US HOME thru all the storms and hiccups… Yes He can… 


Yes He Did. 

Yes He Will.

Yes He Does. 

Our Father did that!

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