Divided, Disgusted, Dark, Directed, DELIVERED


It is the sorrow of Elisha the prophet to see the back and forth sinful evil of these kings (and those assassinating them) in the DIVIDED kingdom and from and between their enemies. It’s a mess. In 2nd Kings, estimated around 800 BC, we learn Elisha wept over knowledge that one soldier from Syria, Ben-Hadad, would kill his own ruler, take over, and also he predicted would cruelly kill many Israelites. He did. God knew. 

Elisha wept knowing all this in advance. Jesus also wept for the lost while He walked the earth, His tears knew the big and small of division. He knew the oppression in the past and the crumbling future.

***We must continue to share His Hope * He will crush all evil. ***

Jesus IS the Word, and our human dividedness is from our brokenness. His brokenness came to rescue us for our sins. In His brokenness of death for all to know and see, these chapters are seemingly (hypothetically) “as if” Jesus’s guts are split open. Split wide open. Messy. His Message (the bible scriptures) recount all the pain and grief in the world back then which surely was breaking more than just Elisha’s heart but all who saw the mess, and how it continued and continues. God’s made efforts to keep the line of David preserved – to secure the success of salvation – but the people of the day were dragged thru the muddy mess of painful waste of life and wars. Elisha must have been DISGUSTED with what was revealed to him. 

DIRECTED. Even so, of the awful back and forth turmoil we see in the 2nd Kings scriptures (and plenty more to read thru), one can APPRECIATE the GIFT of the existence of Prophets to remind us (and them) of God’s great Power and Direction.  In those who follow the Lord, the hope is kindled for a restored kingdom – and witnesses to His Power knew that God’s Promises were kept. All were directed to follow God, even thru the dark times.


Evil is not new. Dark times are not new. Today’s turmoil is not new. Tomorrow’s PROMISE is our NEW HOPE. And if God never changes, and Jesus exists always (Alpha and Omega), then LOVE never shyed away from stepping out into the world. DELIVERED. Holy Spirit, He’s here to Help!

DELIVERED – old testament Nahum is another prophet who also talks about evil taking over peoples and lands, all like Babylon, destined for destruction. But for us, we are to hold onto hope until we will be delivered, hold onto the truth: “The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him”, and evil will crumble.” YES. God will win!

Fast forward nearly a thousand years from 2nd Kings division and strife. A new testament testimony comes from Paul to the Jews and Romans, to reach even Caesar. Paul, even in captivity, chains for the cross, was called by God to be a messenger of HOPE.  (remember Paul was Saul, a zealous killer of the early church Nazarenes, those who followed The Way as early Christians, until JESUS HIMSELF appeared to Saul and changed his evil ways to become a messenger of the One True Way.)  And Paul said: “now it is because of my hope in what God has promised our ancestors that I am on trial today. This is the promise our twelve tribes are hoping to see fulfilled as they earnestly serve God day and night.” Yes, those 12 tribes were falling apart in the divided kingdom, but God kept their hope intact.

We need to be messengers of HOPE. 

Paul got to see the Divided, Disgusted, Dark sides of the world, even in himself, but then by being DIRECTED by God, Paul was saw the opportunity for people to be DELIVERED. He and we are delivered from and delivered sent, just like a letter of the Word. Sent.

We will see God’s justice – just stay tuned… God will provide refuge for all who humble themselves. 

God is good. Sing His Praises. Be a messenger of HOPE.


(If you are in trouble or trials, hold onto God. He has been holding on to you.)

Amen Amen 

Elisha and prophesy:

Book of Nahum video:

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