Writing a FORWARD Story


A friend of mine said he was always intending to write his faith walk story. I HOPE HE DOES. I encourage you all to write.  We can write about our faith history as His Story and importantly write about how God keeps walking us Home. His Story is surely about us getting Home back to be with Him.

I have had a very busy few weeks (!) and I expect that to continue – but right now I have one moment tonight to sit outside in the cool of the evening and rest and read God’s Word and turn to my faith writing. Oh so many connections we find in daily life with God’s Word, putting the Word in our Walk step by step… amazing…

Tonight I was truly pondering what “sitting with the Word” meant and realized that God “sat” down with and pondered WITH the Word too, as Jesus IS the Word.  Jesus, One with the Father, doing this Work of the One Who sent Him, this meant and means He took/takes God’s mission into Walking Word Form. The sins of the past are long gone as left behind on this new road to wholeness. 

Think how God surely missed Adam and Eve after the fall, missed them (and us, whom He pre-knew, separated by sin before we were even born), missed them walking with Him in fellowship in the cool of the evening… and so He made a plan of substitution of sacrifice that was written “on paper” yet truly came to fruition as Lived by the Word, thru the Word… Lifted off the page. Walking faith this day, taking in a moment WITH the Word, Jesus is walking us back to our collective wholeness with God. We write right and walk right by His Righteousness.

God took time to write HIS story because Jesus IS the Word. Let’s write our own HIS story of how He helps us as opposed to writing our story of where we went wrong. Let’s live the FORWARD story not the back story. 

 The Beginning and the End is Jesus and so what is next to keep writing and righting? The future. Because WE ARE NOT DONE WALKING OR LIVING YET! Our Future (Heavenly Homebound Homebodies) IS the Best that’s yet to come.

Walk with Jesus, keep writing HIS Story into our HISTORY.


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