Overlap the Gap


My glossy timeline pamphlets about the Kings and Prophets (Rose Publishing bought on Amazon) are great references for times of learning. When I place them for cross reference into my own life, they show me what Jesus is trying to teach me, He IS the connection Old Testament to New Testament to Forever – a cross reference by His cross to cross into our lives of gaps and overlaps. We can refer to and reference Him – HE WANTS to FILL US with the knowledge of HIM.

It’s clear to me that I have many gaps in my Biblical knowledge, specifically the Old Testament, these gaps are so clear that I can see right through them! However I am starting to place sticker-sized tidbits of knowledge on the clear empty spaces, and even get to start to overlap the stickies. Sometimes the stickers fall off and I learn again of something I learned – but that is why there are endless stickers and endless opportunities to learn. I don’t feel ashamed of these gaps, I feel like I am in a position to be educated and have the rest of FOREVER to fill in the gaps. Not a rush to rush thru the physical pages but to absorb something of everything, to make my own sticker placements, rather than try to learn everything at once which will glob all the stickers together into a ball and not be usable at all. 

The stories are remarkable and only tidbits of those are shared in the Word – I don’t read much commentary (yet), as this first time thru the old testament I will try to read first in my own hearing and eyes and synapse connections and make my own stickers. I don’t understand but a fraction of these readings in the Book of Kings but know they are important. I occasionally come to a story that I heard about in VBS, like rebuilding walls of a temple (again), and can build up those sticker walls of knowledge. I do try to look up authors and see what stories overlap in different books, and the truth of Truth I found in this statement from a chronology: the author of Kings was “writing not in order to accurately describe the past as a historian would (which is a modern concept) – rather he is telling the story of the past in order to illuminate the present day in which he lived.”

Oh! Yes of course! We are given the Biblical stories to understand that the Word’s teaching is intended to teach and reach, and STAY STICKY for our life sticker books. We ALSO can and should apply the knowledge of these writings to illuminate the present day that WE LIVE IN NOW. Of course there is 100% Truth learning about Jesus in the New Testament as well as the Old Testament. (they are called TESTAMENTS for a reason).  It hearing the stories and IS SEEING HIM Walk His Way thru and out of historical prophecy that gave the believers and us knowledge of Him as the Messiah when He would come, AND chronicled those activities of the peoples to show they were following God’s Plan, AND lay down groundwork demonstrations of fulfilled prophecy when Jesus came. 

Like someone giving you sticker books with the outlines of where the stickers go, Jesus as the Word is that outline, and then Jesus being the stickers too for the sticker book you finally get to fill in the places and spaces. And in the overlap, and how you place the sticker, you see your own life in the pages too. We should read the Bible and see what sticks! Read it again and fill in more.

Gaps now overlapped. Truth now told. Understandings now understood. 

We won’t get to finish our understandings on this planet but have our “triptik” for revelations of days to come, and of forever. And oh how special we are holding onto the bonus pages of when He will return – we see in the Word (the book of Revelations) spaces for stickers of His Return – His Millenium – His Winning Way – and that gemstone New Jerusalem headed our way by His Way. God knows we are going to love stickers like those!!! 

Jesus, I am sticking with Him! Because He stuck with us first! 

We love Him because He loved us first.


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