Blueberry Heaven


I wonder…

I wonder if there will be blueberries in Heaven, I wonder. 

I wonder if Blueberry Heaven has time set aside for picking, drifting bush to bush, then REAL Heaven must have ALL TIME ALL FOREVER GIFTED to us, with sweetness of the tree of life giving us different fruit of the season, in its time. I wonder. 

I wonder what forever life will be like without bugs that bother, poison ivy that threatens, critters that steal, I wonder. I wonder if fruit won’t rot. I wonder. 

I wonder if we will have perfect weather or appreciate and be safely protected, mesmerized by spectacular weather. I wonder with the Light of God, what no night will be like, no sun no sunburn. I really wonder if we will sleep, maybe just power nap deliciously, or decompress spiritually. I wonder. 

I know, Blueberry Heaven on earth is finding time for picking on a picture perfect day, with gifted family and friends, with overflowing bounty. I know real Heaven, blueberries or not,  is filled with the sweetness of freedom from worry, servitude of worship, and priceless connection with all…

I know Heaven will be wonderfully filled with Wonder for all.


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