Labor No More


A prayer on our Labor Day Holiday for a young child’s family, for their perseverance and hope in life eternal as their young son passed away after a long bout with cancer twice.


Labor No More…

It’s Labor Day and the unofficial end of summer. Unofficially, just the ending of a season…

Rest in peace, you are now in a NEW and FOREVER season of JOY. For as this season ends yet another life begins. Life in the Lord’s Love never ends, like summer, it just CHANGES VENUES: sweet Heaven.

It Labor-Ending Day, unofficially and officially. The ending of an earthly season… and sweetly the OPENING DAY FOR HEAVENLY PLAY.

Labor no More, dear one. You are loved. You were rescued into Jesus’s arms and you can now have Summer-Forever, Fall-Free-for-All, Winter-Wonders and Spring-in-Your-Step.

Spring now in your step. That’s because then and now you are always STRONG.

Amen and prayers for all.

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