Brain Waves Weaved His Way


Oh!!!! I made it! I’m in one of the last chronological chapters of the Old Testament! I made it! Nehemiah! I’m excited where before I was daunted by the inches!!! But even being near the end, I am only 2/3 of the way in paper? How? and why? Well, for they “Why”, ask Jesus when you see Him, for all those whys, but I CAN tell you HOW I got here, and I can tell you that there’s a WEAVING of these stories in a repetitive deep way, in parallel books, by different authors at different times, written for different audiences! YEAH! 

Wait! So, whoda thunk what is all true for the New Testament, parallel writings of different witnesses and writers for different audiences, us ALSO true for the Old Testament. Whoda set up the Word in this Way… Ah WEAVING waves of the Way into our day… Jesus…

The Old Testament is an alive Living Word. The New Testament too, of course. Perhaps the myriad of people in Heaven are currently merging what they did not know with what IS known now, about Jesus coming and having come… What if we too are to be looking and merging what we knew and learn to know? WHAT IF EXCHANGING KNOWLEDGE of the WORD is like blue non-oxygenated blood that gives up carbon dioxide then gets oxygen to make it red. And the cells themselves, at the living breathing lung exchange area, are chatting away to each other about what they’ve seen throughout the whole body… what if… 

Breathing thru the Living Word. What amazing WEAVING has Jesus done of the Word in our brain waves.

Trust me, I’ve only scratched the surface of the Old Testament and have another third to assimilate into what I’ve barely learned. If you look at timelines as if they are like colorful Lego maps, one starts with the basic green underlaying foundation, then gets big big blocks down like Adam Noah Moses David Solomon. There are themes of exile, rebuilding, exiles, and always wars. Then add another layer of bricks of more stories in Joshua, Saul, Sampson, Elijah, Ezra. Then another layer of bricks – those stories (I have not yet read in page progression) of Jonah, Ester, Nehemiah and Malachi. Little embellishments too. Nothing too big or little, every detail with purpose. 

Don’t try building this LEGO set without instructions! Getyourself Bible timelines and teachers!!! (and even the cat will wonder what you are doing, so get plastic-coated ones in case she walks all over them)…

There’s SO much to learn and yet remember start with God’s big points. Love, life, living… sending a Savior for salvation. The Old Testament is just that: a testament of obeying and worshiping God, a testament of God’s faithfulness and mercy, a testament of the beginning love, the middle love and the end love – but wait: the end is a new beginning! Life won’t end, ever! Love it!

What will eternity will be like in the new Jerusalem? I bet we will walk thru these old timelines WITH the people. I think each person can sit down with Noah and ask him the tough questions. Imagine singing WITH David. Pause for a moment to imagine Mary in front of you. And Jesus? WOW… 

JESUS… Someday, to you and to me, I think Jesus will say: Remember studying those timelines? Now you are placed IN Mine…. Yes Jesus, You put us IN Your Line and Your Timeline,,, 


Thank you Jesus. 


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