HumanSense or GodSense


There’s no sense, actually it’s nonsense,

To make human sense 

Out of God Sense.


God is God and we are Not. Even if try a lot!

We on earth are not even in a Heavenly spot.

But in His Grace, He helps us – a lot!


Jesus born baby humble is not human sensible.

Actually it sounds quite utterly terrible. 

Then His death sounded really really unbearable. 


But Jesus obliged, He was/IS God Sense-able.

Scripture is His Word, educationally intended to be prepar-able.

And Scripture says Human sin was/is only Godly repairable.


In Human sense, LIFE thru death may sound like nonsense.

Yet LIFE thru death is God Sense.

It IS God Who makes LIFE, Who makes a difference.


Jesus came and will come again, the Word is Readable.

God wants us all seated at His Table and be TEACHABLE. 

So in Jesus we became save-able.


There’s NO sense 

To making human sense 

Out of God Sense.


A rainbow, a dove, a Promised Jesus, are all Gifts from ABOVE.

We are ALL made for Him to LOVE.

God Sense is made from GOD LOVE.


God Love…

God Sense…


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