Happy New Year – One Day and One Step at a Time


Happy New Year!

So many possibilities!

So much new – new to you but known to God, so why not let Him direct our paths. 

I woke up with gratefulness, a dream slipping away in my forgetful wakeness (was something about clear vintage glassware pink and clear, awesome vintage shapes), and a devotion to write: a message of the New Year is not yet walked so don’t race through it. Take each new step with the Lord’s Direction. 

Yes, the new steps are so new to you that a new year is either scary or exciting. But honestly it’s not a different message of how to live because we ALWAYS should be looking for the Lord’s guidance. That’s our best resolution, to actually listen. 

There are old memories and missions that we must finish up and even nagging feelings too of things we forgot in 2022 – like I woke up to remember that 31DEC devotion I fell asleep writing AND woke up to remember that I think I have an orange at the bottom of my purse from a week ago, yikes. I’ll have to look, but surely the Holy Spirit of watching out is helping me and intends me to clean up my act in so many ways… that’s the new year resolution, not the cleaning but the LISTENING. 

And so, before I look for that orange, let me finish these thought – we must be willing to work for God – we really are in this together. One big thing we can do in 2023 (gee it rhymed better in 2022, “can do 2022” becomes “let’s see 2023”)… But seriously, one thing for me in 2023 (and maybe big thing to do for you too) is TEACH – teach the children because you also were taught – teach the children who grew up not getting taught because you have the wisdom and knowledge to share. TEACH, REACH, PREACH, embrace your walk… SHARE… and don’t dare to go anywhere on your own, go with God!

Old advice, new resolution to FOLLOW God.

One day and one step at a time. 

Go with God…


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