I have often wondered why we sleep, maybe we won’t sleep in Heaven, but I bet cat naps will still be available when needed, I mean who wouldn’t need that sleep time for processing Heaven’s Almighty Amazing views. But we will rest assured in Heaven if we don’t need to rest at all… Well, I will take whatever God gives me and say THANK YOU….  MEANWHILE, here on Earth, I appreciate sleep and I bet God does too, He needs it to happen in us (and we need it too) to REPAIR our broken thoughts, to give us FRESH perspective after rest, to RESOLVE muscle aches, to get us simply QUIETER in our world for a third of the day. I think our Guardian Angels must say ‘Whew, THANK YOU! I’ve got that person in just one place to not get into trouble for a while…’ Most of all, us resting restores some order to the System. Order is VERY Godly. 


These are my views of sleeps’ benefits, but God’s view IS from His seat. He Knows. I just speculate. I bet He is SO SATISFIED to know that His children (us) are resting peacefully and in one place, just like I am thankful for my two children right now sleeping in my house. 


Order is completing life laps around the sun. Following life’s course. Finishing the Race ‘one day at a time’. 


Order IS Very Godly. Very Mom-appreciative. Especially teenagers, I get a 6 hour lead time of quiet work around the house on weekends, nowadays still getting woken at 5AM, get to write, sip some tea, then spring into action all while keeping quiet (including not waking up the cat.)


Revelation scriptures by John certainly show us an orderly Heaven. Order. Apostle Paul saw an orderly Heaven. Order. Acts reveals Peter seeing a portion of Heaven – whatever he saw to be there was supposed to be there – so why wouldn’t God have ordered it to be there…


A preacher once mentioned that in Heaven we will have perfect pitch singing, I mean why wouldn’t we?!!! Singing sounds so good to me for something in Heaven. I LOVE SINGING, ESPECIALLY HIS PRAISE! I am always singing (much to the chagrin of my kids). It’s the best calming thing…  Singing restores order to my thoughts or at least replaces some of the worries with words of praise or positive vibes or processing pain in potent lyrics. Recently I was singing (humming) a praise song at the work copy machine not thinking anyone would notice, giving myself peace processing. A co-worker later said she loved how I was singing and it reminded her of her mom (who lives back home far away), almost made her cry thinking of her mom. Singing is universal in voices and hearts made by God. GOD MADE SINGING.  


In John, Jesus says “in my Father’s House there are many rooms…  I go to prepare a place for you…” Surely Jesus, Who can know the clean and unclean in people’s thinkings and cover them with His Blood, and Who can also wash physical dirt off of feet, can prepare rooms in an orderly fashion for us… Surely Jesus, Alpha and Omega, seeing and knowing the desired order can have ordered it organized. Surely God re-ordering the order by sending Jesus means that we are made into a new creation in Him. Surely the leaves of the tree in Heaven planned for “the healing the nations” will provide God His desired outcome then if we can’t make peace now. ORDER comes from the Lord’s Peace, we have to wait for that too..


We have to wait many times for God to reveal His Plan. We have to wait for HIS TIMING… and if there is no revelation yet of something like a medical diagnosis, or a financial situation, or even the dawn to come up, then just WAIT on GOD…  He knows the order and DON’T RUSH HIM.

In other words, REST, REST in HIM, take the moment to praise first, pray second, and then continue waiting…

There is an ORDER to everything…  Why wouldn’t there be? GOD’S IN CHARGE.


(PS it was dark when I started writing, the cat is now up watching me, the sun is now up welcoming me. The cat is back to cat napping. God gifts a new day – just wait for it… God ‘ordered’ this day, take full advantage of it from His Menu. Double Amen)

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