His Day Way



When I wake up each day. 

My mind goes EVERY WHICH WAY. 

It races to pre-stress being in the world’s FRAY.

But under His Wing I need to STAY.

I need to BE WITH HIM when I start my day, HIS DAY.


We can wake up and first can PRAY.

We can read the WORD to apply pre-day.

We can LISTEN to what He wants to SAY.

We can just BE STILL and let JESUS instead start the day.

We can just LOVE living His Way.


I NEED Him everyday. 

And He wants us to be IN His Day. 

He wants us to speak in a certain way. 

Knows the people who need to see Him thru us today.

That’s why He wakes us up each day.


Let us be His Hands and Feet and Mercy-giver today.

Let us let Him give us words to say.

Let’s watch Him make a Way even when there seems no Way.

Let us PRAISE HIM at the start and end of today. 

Let us say Amen and Hooray!



Everyone, now go and have a GOOD day!



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