Throw in the Trowel not the Towel, God Can Use It All


God can use upheavals to keep moving the kingdom forward, it’s like the gardener always tilling the soil to aerate it. We have upheaval in our lives at times, so I pray we work these emotions out in the Garden WITH the Gardener… Each day to God is Him looking at HIS Creation. Him planting seeds. Him growing us where He wants us.

God can use us all – within His Net – we may get stretched into far away places from each other, or kept close enough but kept separate on purpose – it’s like stretching the strengthening partners hold on each other firmer, and each person thinner as yet keeping the fabric of His catching net more agile and movable… like a trampoline, the stretch helps the strength. Like our bridging – we will catch more fish if we let God fish with us where HE feels fit.

Remember always that Jesus knows where to throw the net better than us.

Our Gardener will throw in the trowel on us not the towel.


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