Another tractor trailer, 06MAY – #137



Another tractor trailer, 06MAY

I can’t believe it, same frigging spot on the highway just now, tractor-trailer with turn signal on, weaving in traffic, only going 50 miles an hour, with somebody in a Subaru tailing on his bumper…. but this one is from my hometown (5 hours away), a farm 2 miles from my house up home, ugh, this time my horn honked to “come to the cradle come and find peace”…. I’m like really God? another tractor trailer to wake up? In the same frigging spot as that gas tanker before? And from my hometown? really what the H#LL !!!!!???!!!!

Subaru power activate, I guess…. whew….

this time I honked then drive next to him and smiled, he looked at me, then I passed him… and exited… Maybe he was.not sleeping but just daydreaming of our home….


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