135 Emails about an Amazing Chance to Witness Jesus’s Love, 01MAY


135  Emails about an amazing chance to witness Jesus’s love

#1 in the chain

On Fri, May 1, at 6:09 PM, debbie wrote:

HI Pastor P – I got to be you yesterday morning!  – I am calling it one of my first “got to pull a Pierre” moments – and I got to pray I  well as encourage in the most random of places – to the most random of people… But not 100% random, as I was in my Subaru, of course. SO, it was definitely the Holy Spirit who moved me there at that moment!

I’m was and am so excited!

I had to take an early morning conference call so I did so from home – then dediced to run lots of errands and then I got my oil changed and my brake light replaced before heading to work .  So, it wasn’t until late morning that I am zipping down the random road to the turnpike…  And holding part of those unfinished errands, I was holding a duplicated copy of a photo from my trip to a cathedral, of Jesus, for a friend who liked the photo when I showed him last week …  I thought – maybe I should just pull over and fihish this card so I don’t have to keep holding it..  So I stopped the car on the side of the road near the top of a long strange driveway and started to grab my pen to write. So. wouldn’t you know it, but someone wanted to pull into the driveway like 3 minutes later – and I backed up and he didn’t looked pleased…  of all the places, why was I there?…

Well, I backed up and was preparing to put the letter away to get out of there – but the guy was walking up to my car and staring me down – oops..  I could have just pulled out but I thought I should say something so he didn’t worry – so I rolled down my passenger window and said  “no worries – I was just writing a letter – sorry”. And then he said in a challenging voice – “What do you mean you were just stopped to write a letter” – its true – that was a strange thing to stop randomly to do that… but I am random and always will be…  So, I showed him – this rough and tumble guy with his cigarette in hand – I said, innocently, “see – I have this card and this photo of Jesus that I took on a trip and I wanted to send it to my friend who is going through a rough time – and I just wanted to lift his spirits!” – well – that’s true – and I wanted to be open and honest.

He says: “Well, that Jesus is doing some awful ‘explitive’ to me right now” – and I said in a friendly but correcting voice: “Its not Jesus doing that – maybe the devil but not Jesus – you know Jesus? he wouldn’t do that”…  well, this guy (his initials are S.J.) started telling me his whole massive awful battle with his wife about custody of a 2yr old, a 5 yr old and a 13 yr old… and divorce fees and visitation issues, and then his car was totaled and he was supposed to get a breathalizer engine starter (that he didn’t need because it was a medication-caused DUI he shouldn’t have gotten) and it was supposed to be installed that day and they gave him hassle that it wasn’t the right car – beause he scrambled and was able to land a new car, title etc in like three days…  and whew – life story vent in five minutes! makes everyone elses’ life look like easy street… whew…  so we talked for like ten minutes and I tried to encourage him and I wanted to give him the photo – but he said no – he had a photographic memory and he would remember it – just like he remembers seeing strange lights come out of the statue of the virgin mary at a church down the road one day he wandered in…  and so I said: (ala Pierre-style) “Can I pray for you?” He said yes – so I grabbed his hand and prayed a short but passionate prayer for him, his kids, his wife… his everything.

… and we then went on our ways…  whew! – thanks Holy Spirit – thanks for freeing up my morning – moving me – using me – whatever your tricks are – keep them up – and thanks for making a strange situation into a blessed one!!!

and thanks Pierre – for the witnessing style you have- and for your most awesome enthusiasm for the salvation of Jesus keep up the good work!


#2 in the chain)

On May 3, 4:32 PM, “Pastor P > wrote:


This is phenomenal!  I love the way you casually “disarmed” this gentleman with God’s love.  God’s love can untangle the craziest of all situations.  Way to Go!  You gave that man an encounter with Jesus!  The first and not the last! (For him or for you…you have many more prayers to pray for others!)




#3 in the chain)

On Sun, May 3, at 9:02 PM, debbie wrote:

Thanks Pastor P,

This guy didn’t know that I am a random weird soul, who thinks nothing of stopping to write a letter or having Easter eggs glued to the top of my car…. (actually I changed my car to red poppies now, see attached photo).

It was just me being honest and certainly I usually do talk to anyone and I certainly speak my mind! (my parents taught me that people are just people), so I would have to say that GOD is using my talents to HIS favor, which makes sense for God, but catches us off guard at times!!!!

It’s one thing to be looking for an open opportunity, but I have been getting used to God plunking opportunities right on my path!

The prayer I have is for discernment.  It’s easy to act when God plunks you down and you have no choice, but to know whether you should act or not, that is always the question…. luckily I always try to act, when I feel I can make a difference… it’s not a worry about over extending myself, it’s more a worry about being overbearing…

I wonder where God will take me next?

Can’t wait to find out!



#4 in the chain)

here is that photo I was holding – the one of jesus alone – and also a photo of us together – from St. Vitas Cathedral at Prague Castle

have a great day

prague castle jesus

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