YUP, Forgiveness, 10JUN – #181


yup, perfect little book…

so – this is the perfect preface to my half-done essay on Pride and Vanity and Temptations.. which may be next…

YUP, Forgiveness, 10JUN
I love this little “Windows to God” book – just flip open the book and within a couple pages from the opening find the right passage for the day! Yeah, this passage “When Right goes Wrong” pertains to much in my life and other’s lives… and I can also reflect when appreciated the relief that came in the circumstances where I forgave others or situations… (many come to mind but most recently that road rage incident – I still think about that punch and pray for him). we are going to do a craft at VBS that involves braiding fabric strips on ropes – and forgiving – the three strands stand for me, them and God – it’s good to forgive – just like God forgives us…

Even when we don’t feel we are in the wrong – it does feel better to ask for forgiveness… it doesn’t condone that other persons actions, but whatever bothers YOU about the situation, its a good opportunity to ask God: “what is the lesson I am supposed to learn here?” I ask that in many of my painful situations and yes, I have learned important lessons about my feelings towards the situation – one of the biggest lessons I learned from a painful situation was when I asked “how does this conflict relate to MY story”… Perhaps I was feeling too righteous about how I had gotten “right” with God, so when I realized that the conflict had nothing to do with “MY” story – I realized it was “GOD’S” story – well then it made sense and it clicked in my head that I was inflicting the pain on myself… So when I learned what I was suppose to learn and then guess what? the pain dissipated – yes the situation still needed to be re-mediated and it was – but not until I let go of the pain…

So – it is clear to me that I wasn’t the one who should be righteously thinking that “I got Right with God” – instead I should be humbled that it was God who changed me to put me into HIS plan, not mine… He was obviously planning this years and years – even before I was born… I had nothing to do with it but I did have to realize what was happening to me…

yeah – forgive to be forgiven… again and again….


182 yup book

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