Caring for Creation, 10JUN – #183


Caring for Creation, 10JUN

kinda nice to be cleaning up old emails and reflecting that God is in the little things – which I really understand to be true… 
its one of the nice affirmations that even though I wonder if I am “overdosing” or “obsessing” on God that I am still just re-balancing my life – and eventually I will find the right balance… I just am feeling a bit overwhelmed this week – for good reason – whew!

I so look forward to going up home for a day on friday – and maybe before I return I am just going to sit on a rock alone and look and listen to one of the beloved waterfalls for an hour…

From Bernard of Clairvaux,
“Believe one who knows: You will find something greater in woods than in books. Trees and stones will teach you that which you can never learn from masters.” Creation teaches us the knowledge of caring for all. Caring for creation and one another is a series of small choices that seem, in and of themselves, almost incidental, or shall we say, throwaway.”

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