God in Our Heads, 22 JAN – #343



For me, I bargain with God for control of my time… it’s totally time discernment I pray for… because there are SO MANY tasks I think God is pleased with, BUT how much time do I spend on each?…

Why do I write? I think I write not only for me to process God exploding in my head, but to tell others that GOD wants us to listen for Him – watch for Him – and work FOR HIM and that we will be blessed by it…

Why do write quickly and so much and so often? I am hoping to dump my brain and move forward… I am NOT hoping to shake people awake, but tap then gently to let them know God is calling for them too… To do HIS work.

I question what I see and hear all the time – like why do I see silly repeat 52 numbers? A little girl at the museum this week said to her Mom “What’s number 52?”, as I came upon the exhibit, that STILLS me, God STILLS me about 10 times a day (really) showing me that number… He STILLS me in little doses to keep me awake to the fact that He is in control, lest I forget and fall asleep.

I am thankful for the blog audience out there in the ethernet for letting me share my thoughts of God (or my head would explode)… Always it’s beneficial to talk about God with others because we can compare notes as for what God is doing to us and with us… We are HIS minions, BUT, because we are discerning thinkers, we question God ALL the time!!! I STILL don’t think He minds, as long as you and I actually listen and watch for HIS answers… I appreciate that freedom of discussion, I know that I am NOT alone in being called by God. And we KNOW God calls us to think good thoughts of Him to tolerate the less bad thoughts of the world, AND to keep us moving…

Here’s my devotion:

God in Our Heads, 22 JAN

Why is God in my head? Why does it seem HE meddles? And how do I really know it’s God? I have written about this before, but that puzzles me STILL, but I think I know that answer… God calls us to keep busy for HIS WILL…

God occupies our brains with thoughts of Him and how WE can serve HIM… He is a jealous God, the Bible says. The Bible also tells us “BE STILL” – where we are to STILL our minds of human things… so that HE can FILL IT… Or at least we pray for HIM to fill it…

This scripture reminds us to ask God for help… I think the most important thing we can ask for is guidance and discernment… Matthew 7:7-8 NIV [ Ask, Seek, Knock ] “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”

My brain is distracted by God, God often keeps me from doing MY planned work – especially taking away a couple hours of sleep I apparently didn’t need to write about Him. All year, I bargained with God, AND when I put a curb on my desires, He gave me more work for HIM… Sure, He lets me bargain, He let’s me squeak by in my day to day tasks. I am selfish and I want to work to feed my family and I want to keep a roof over their heads, as well as use my God-given skill set… so God has allowed me to keep working for money (Thank You Lord!) AND because there IS God work to be done at my workplace (science AND situation)… See, He lets us discover ourselves thru our work, then He uses our work for HIS work… That is 100% apparent to me. God let’s us play, but it’s His sandbox.

SO I urge you to keep working folks, but keep listening to God. He has this plan, He fills our minds to distract us from upsetting things. He shows us His miracles of the world… He is distracting us for a reason, AND listening to Him WILL delight us, even if it means some hard choices initially… But He will see us thru those dark places as we seek the LIGHT and clean out our souls making room for more Spirit.


God is IN our heads, He wants us to work FOR HIM!

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