Roll It Off Your Back, 18Aug – #581



Roll It Off Your Back, 18Aug

I recall reading about the decline of the penguin populations and I feel guilty that I haven’t saved the world yet in science efforts…. face it, I feel guilty about EVERYTHING (even feel guilty about feeling guilty!) – yes guilty,  we need to teach, we need to pray that folks become more in tune with whole world reality… we are in this together…

I know that Jesus was frustrated with the people, and I can be frustrated too, especially with myself, but I need to not let resentment keep me back, I need to keep moving FORWARD. Jesus moved FORWARD, teaching as He went.

I know that Jesus cried on His ride into Jerusalem, because the people were not all saved, I can be sad too, but I need to not let woe keep me back from still riding into my Jerusalem, I need to keep moving FORWARD. Jesus moved FORWARD, teaching as He went.

We must move forward with what we actually can do, and appreciate where each of us have come from… We all must keep moving.

Guilt may remind me to stop being so concerned with my picky “first world problems” and think about the bigger issues – but whether it’s too much guilt (or not enough) I will choose to focus myself knowing that it is NOT actually guilt that moves me forward… what actually moves us all forward is a MUCH STRONGER force, that’s the force of LOVE!!!!

LOVE is the force that beckons us to “seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with the Lord.” We are called to pay attention, we are called to act.

I appreciate that for our own problems God says “roll it off your back”, “Keep moving forward”…

Jesus tries to remind us, and the Holy Spirit guides us to do what we can… We know that there will always be world problems… Yes, the goal is no problems, but that’s not our current reality in a broken world, these issues are reminding us we still have God’s work to do.


I wake up every morning so very grateful that I’m alive, that I feel well enough and strong… I’m glad that if I remember that I am responsible for me, then I know what I deal with is deal-able, with God’s help… that I’m not responsible for solving ALL the world’s problems – but I am responsible for doing my part to fix them. If I wake up with a shoulderful of LOVE, there is little room from the problems to weigh me down. Actually, LOVE lifts us up from inside and carries us thru the day.

I’m thankful that God helped me thru yesterday.

I’m excited that God has plans for me today…

If we remember we are filled with the LOVE of the Lord, from the Lord, for the Lord, then how can we not roll with LIFE… YES, we need to roll our problems, insults, big and little things off our backs… we need to step forward and leave that pile behind us, and because of LOVE we will power thru.

Let LOVE carry you thru the day.

God lives LOVE, we live LIFE… we are placed in this world, but not of this world, because our treasure is in HEAVEN… we are on earth to use LOVE as a tool for witnessing LIFE, improving LIFE, forgiving LIFE, then LIVING LIFE.

Pick up the LOVE and LIFE moves FORWARD… everything else rolls away…

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