Butterfly, 28NOV – #618



Butterfly, 28NOV

Lord, I am Your butterfly.

You grew me from a caterpillar. You fed me on Your gifts to nourish me. Your Word opened my ears. I began to change.  I learned.  I grew.

You allowed me to find a safe sanctuary for not resting but for actively changing thru the most amazing series of modifications, inside and out. Within a protected shell I waited. I knew I was changing, but how could I comprehend how amazing this change would be. You knew.

Then you told me to start entering this world again.  I could not remain hidden under the leaves, I had to peer out from my cocoon and stretch and find how to steady my new legs.  All my mass had been shifted and repurposed into a completely different being, and yet my soul, my heart, my mind are still intact – I knew I changed – I knew I was called to take the next step, even if I didn’t know if I was ready…

You told me to fly.

You told me to stretch my wings and feel for the right moment.  You made me capable of everything that I could never have imagined.  You made then remade me.

You made me beautiful.  You made me intricate, complex, strong thru weakness, and capable.

I now can fly.

I can open the gifts of the earthly phase of my life and fly thru the world on Your Spirit. I will be ever watching for danger as well as refuge. And in those peace-filled times I can catch a warm breeze and fly higher and longer – seemingly forever…

I do know that I cannot fly here forever, but you have a place for me eternal – then I will rest….

For now, I will fly.

I will fly and forever tell of You.

I am Your butterfly…

Butterfly, Fly…


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