“Sing Pretty”, 29Nov – #619



A friend gives me encouragement and a focusing thought when I sing… says “Sing Pretty”…

“Sing Pretty”, 29Nov

We are given a voice – we choose how to use it… We are given the ability to sing, to speak, to scream and of course to complain. When we sing in the car, or the shower, we don’t worry about how we sound – yes, it is freeing to sing out strong. When we sing for prayer it doesn’t matter the pitch, it’s simply the plea God hears before we speak.

When we sing in joy and humbled thanks for all the Lord has done, we want to give Him our best, we want to “Sing Pretty”…

What is pretty to the Lord? Is pretty a human attribute? Pretty is up to interpretation but God is not. Giving our best is the perhaps the equivalent of pretty to God who made us in His image. God gave us His best, and gave us Jesus… I wonder what Jesus’s voice sounded like – did He sing? Jesus gave His best because He gave His all.

“Singing pretty” in music might mean relaxing, putting aside stress and angst, dropping baggage – and focusing… that’s our faith too – dropping the angst and feeling the love. “Singing pretty” might catch the attention of a half-listener… that’s true with faith too, our faith might catch the attention of a hurt soul who studies how we live. Our faith and our lives reflecting Him are the shining of light into darkness. Darkness is pretty awful. Hope shared is pretty to see.

Our words don’t sound pretty when we are screaming or carrying on, and certainly don’t sound pretty when we don’t open our mouths at all.  Our words are most pretty to God if we make them with love directed to Him and they are pretty real, pretty honest, and pretty often.

Sharing our love for God and for each other pretty much sums it up.

Pretty much everything we do to serve Him and His children can change the world.

That’s pretty awesome…


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