Sentimental in my JOY, 16DEC – #621



Sentimental in my JOY, 16DEC

Sounds silly to non-sentimental folks, but I feel God allows and forgives my sentimental self… (within reason…).

And then I see when my own sentimental self fades away – and the deep true embers of God’s love persist…

I know that to plow forward in service to the Lord, I am to be looking forward. Yet in my humanness, with my leaky soul, I get humanly sentimental – I enjoy the little things that I perceive God’s Holy Spirit is showing me – those things swirling around to let me know that my humanness is remembered and not discarded as fluff. Sometimes I may see a bird and be reminded that God takes care of the little birds – which means that surely He takes care of us. I smile in knowing His love is intentional to get me thru this world into His eternal one. I cry in knowing that too – I cry feeling His love.

I know that I work for God – I ache for God’s people – I work in, for and on the network of His love…. Luke 1:38 “I am the handmaiden of the Lord”. My boldness and my obedience are BOTH required to serve…

JOY, my perception of God is a God of JOY. When I heard I was classified with the sanguine description to my personality (one of Hippocrates four humors: sanguine choleric, phlegmatic and melancholic), I smiled in JOY because someone understood me… When I heard I was classified a “campaigner” personality type (of the 16personalities website)  I chuckled… how can I not tell folks that even while enduring hardship, JOY is in the Lord… and oh, how much JOY I feel when I remember that God knows me so much…

God always understood me.

God understands you, how could He not!?!

I’m a thinker and precious little mental things connect with me… my time with Our Lord is all the time, but sometimes my brain, heart, eyes go “off the clock”… sometimes I am too noisy to listen, too busy to be still… I get impatient, I fall into not being thankful… Sometimes I get confused – is what I see and hear from Him? or from the glut of human distractions in the world? I worry about the evils spilled into my path – but the scripture reference that helps me discern things of the world and things of Him is to look for fruit – His fruit – spiritual fruit that can be shared by the actions of God’s presence…. what resets my path back to Him is to follow His light with humble walking…

When I’m blue, He finds a way to guide my feet… when I am lost He shepherds me.. when I fuss, He puts me back to work… He’s always looking for me to smile, internally. If I help anyone in this world it is because He shows me mercy…and helps me… It is my JOY to see Him working His Spirit. It is my job to not get in the way of His Way.

Today, I will be blessed to sing my awakening song in church… it’s a big deal for me – it’s also not a big deal too. It’s both an opportunity and a remembrance – but I am the one who allows myself to be sentimental – just as I allow myself to shrug it off… others shrug off things that mean so much to me and others dwell on things I’ve dismissed… we are different people and I will remember that it is OK. “Come to the Cradle ” is a sentimental blessing that I also know is not for me… I’m singing for the Lord. Simultaneously I get to hopefully convey the feeling as i get to personally feel the healing of the line: “come to the cradle, come and find peace ” – “come to the cradle, He waits for you there”… Jesus wants peace for you and all…. In singing the line of the song: “in the innocent upward trusting look of a child” I’m cajoling others to see that face of Jesus. Jesus as a baby trusting us, trusting His Father… I’m also trusting the Lord to understand me, His child… We still have to find peace each day in Him. We are still called to trust. We need to find peace and remind others that we believe in peace. We are called to lead by example… His spirit is to be moved THRU us not just to us.

Jesus as a baby brings JOY and purpose – He was as strong as He was weak… that’s us too – we are weak in ourselves – we are strong in Him…

We are Our Father’s JOY – that’s not sentimental – that’s God’s love.

Feel the JOY… know His healing… trust in Him.

Blessed to be His child. My sentimental joy is nothing compared to my spiritual joy.


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