Hooked in by Christmas, 13Dec – #620


620 hooked


Hooked in by Christmas, 13Dec

A Christmas ornament fell from the hook and I didn’t hear a crash but instead the branches of the tree caught it, just in time… I found it resting and nestled,  safe but precarious and ready to fall. I grabbed it gently,  and hooked it on the tree.

That’s Christianity right there.
How more plainly can I explain that God has a plan for each of us,  but to fully understand and be in His plan, you have to be hooked in by Jesus.
Jesus secures our safety salvation security sensibilities and souls.  God wants us forever with Him.
The tree branches are like a net, the sturdy and weak branches must be studied before heavy or light ornaments are tested against their strength.  Even the heaviest weight can be anchored by the strong enough hook – that’s Jesus for us – our heaviest burdens can still be lifted, our deepest sorrows embraced. Jesus rescues!
An ornament without a hook, resting in the tree, might be protected for a while, but it is not truly safe if the tree is shaken, if a storm of life brews, or simply if a brush of an innocent unknowing hand shakes it up…  If the tree dries up and the needles fall then the ornament will fall crash and smash. The ornament could be fragile – itself delicately made and beautiful… Blessedly we pray the decorator’s hand to guide the hook to secure it. We and our loved ones are delicately made, beautiful in His eye. We reflect His light in our lives like the ornaments beautiful shine. We are called to recognize the beauty in all people, to pray for all people, pray for them to Be Still and let God’s Hand guide them.
Jesus – ask Him to hook you safely in God’s plans.
What is it going to happen to the ornaments when the needles fall off the tree? – it may look dry and sad – because the trunk got clogged, the transport of life-giving water no longer flows to the branches… will the ornament be OK? Yes if it they are hooked. At the end of our earthly lives,  our souls hooked by Jesus will be removed and embraced by His love to be stored in Heaven. How many beautiful saints are resting in Heaven? Oh, can you imagine that glow!
We are not just ornaments for the Lord, we are even more intrinsic to Him – we are branches in His tree of life.
In God’s tree of life, some dead branches will be pruned, some cast off into the fire, but those branches asking Jesus to clean out the clogs, to clean our hearts,  to help shed darkness and fill lives with light will bring us to be branches bearing fruit and make us alive with faith – we will be able to support even more life in support of His plan – we will look forward to living forever in HIS LOVE. But today we can be fruitful for Him!
If you are an ornament,  be grateful for your hook – HOLD ON.
If you are a child of God, be grateful for the hand of Jesus – HOLD ON.
If you want to fully live as a branch of the Lord – filled with life – you must go to the vine of Jesus and drink in His Living Water – LIVE ON.
If you want to bear fruit for Him, share it and He will give you more.
Merry Christmas – God is with us.
Jesus is the Word made flesh – we have Security in a Savior, therefore know your strength comes from Him. Be fruitful.
John 14:6
Jesus answered, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
John 15:1

Jesus said to his disciples: I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener

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