Dust Storm, 07MAR – #655



Dust Storm, 07MAR

I am so blessed to have heard a sermon on Ash Wednesday from a friend who spoke of ashes as dust – dark and light, black and white and to be reminded that we are “made from ashes – and to ashes we will become”…

This morning in my mediation in the Word, I had like a beam of light that shined thru some of that dust inside my head and as I connected my thoughts there was a mini explosion of a dust storm….  whoosh…

We are a Dust Storm! We are a Dust Storm in the process of settling down. And when we shine the LIGHT of Jesus – that GLOW from our face – that is when our dust settles down and stops blocking out His light from beaming thru us…

YES! He SHINES when our dust settles down.

Our reflection of His light is better thru our selflessness than morphed as refractions thru our selfishness.

When dust storms settle, the light will shine thru better and brighter… when dust storms kick up, you can still see the light illuminate each and every particle of dust – you still see light and know that you are a part of a bigger event… Then, when dust settles again, we can look out past our dust storm to the horizon…

When we look past our own selves, and our own cluster of dust, we can see the future God is trying to move us to.

When I am confused and stressed and life is full of a jumble of thoughts – I need to talk it out of my system to settle the dust storm in my head… I don’t lose the dust, I just settle it and build upon it.

When I am so overloaded with joy and energy and exuberance – I need to work it out of my system to settle the dust storm in my head. I don’t lose the dust, I just settle it and build upon it.

And as Jesus is the living water, when I dampen down the dust in my head with His mist, and look for His Light, then Jesus can shine thru…

When we pass our fingers thru dust settled on a table, we reveal the clear surface underneath. This is a microcosm of times when God pulls His Son, in His right hand, thru our minds, clearing the picture, seeing the clear path to follow… We need Jesus to settle us and light our way.

God wants to settle us into a proper place.   Jesus is the light that shines thru… AND Jesus is the living water to hydrate the situation.

Settle your dust and see a chance to move towards peace.



PS – after his sermon, the Pastor friend reminded me that God swirls us all as dust into new creations…. oh yeah!!

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