Michael Card conference HESED part 1 – Sep – #746


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Michael Card conference HESED part 1

“Michael Card is your guy” – that’s an apt description that a friend said of me…. and it’s true… how very blessed I am to meet Michael Card. singer and writer, for the 4th time.  Michael Card’s song Come to the Cradle is “my awakening song”… I love his books in the “Biblical Imagination” series… I appreciate and benefit from his nerdiness. I gave him my blog address on a business card with a mention that 50 of the 700 were inspired by what he wrote…

He showed me nerdy bloody photos of the removal of a squamous cell carcinoma on top of his head, like my Dad’s cured cancer on his neck, but not as developed. They caught and removed it early. Nerd, I loved his openness… I told him God put a hole in His head to fit more words in.

Michael is such a people person and loves to teach, a Jesus junkie like me, he started at age 14. This conference is about “Hesed”, God’s mercy, lovingkindness… so far we are learning about the 250 mentions of hesed, how the context of words are so important, how Greek vs Hebrew language differs in many words vs fewer deep words, and how Moses transformed in his understanding of a fierce God to be feared on the mountain to actually meeting God face to face and then understanding the hesed mercy of God… the slow to anger God… we are seeing how the whole bible is about the life journeys from obedience thru life’s wanderings in the desert into an intimacy with the Lord… that’s us and that’s the journey thru the bible.  God does His work on us in our wilderness, Jesus retreats and takes time in the wilderness retreats, we like Moses shine with glowing faces after wilderness experiences and meeting face to face with the Lord.  Beautiful message…

Michael said the name Michael is actually a question “who is like God?”

He spoke of language, we Americans think like the Greek language, in nouns, wanting to explain things in nouns… the Hebrew language is verb based, actions, deep words – 500 words conveying deep understanding vs 5000 Greek descriptive words – the apostles learned to understand God in a deeper way – the kingdom of God is both a noun and a verb. Likewise, “hesed” is not one meaning, but used 250 times in the Hebrew bible… hesed, mercy, loving kindness…

Michael Card taught that Jesus LIVES the bible, the reason Jesus wrote in the sand for the woman about to be stoned was that He was fulfilling Deuteronomy or Jeremiah scripture, He kept writing until the older then younger men understood the connection to scripture and walked away… gave time for them to understand forgiveness…

Hesed – God’s loving kindness – mercy… He walks with us in our wilderness until we have an intimate relationship with Him… He spoke about Moses seeing the face of God, and about how the Lord does His work on us when we are in our wilderness… (Moses people, Jesus retreats, Jesus develops His Sonship in the wilderness,  we are in our wilderness when God has most impact on us)… Michael spoke about God is still a corrective old testament God but now with loving kindness of forgiveness – our sins are still real,  God still is strict and corrective and yet our sins are paid for by Jesus who takes the brutal punishment… God is a gentle slow to anger God, the Bible and our lives are for learning and engaging…

The guilty don’t go unpunished, but Jesus intervenes for us… Suffering is a form of engagement – our questions are engagement… Jesus asks 317 questions, only answers 3. Sometimes the most loving thing is to not answer.

He witnessed about a few tragedies in his family’s life and the witness of that person who survives is uniquely qualified to speak into the lives of others who have suffered…

That’s also why Jesus understands all our sufferings, nothing we experience has not been experienced by Jesus. The 10 commandments times were conditional laws, too easily broken.  The life with Jesus is unconditional Hesed, mercy, loving kindness…

Jesus, it all points to Jesus.


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