We Don’t Need Life All Figured Out… 04OCT – #750



We Don’t Need Life All Figured Out… 04OCT

When we drop our identity in self, we are to be filled with the spirit. The beatitudes share this gem of knowledge: Blessed are the poor, those poor in their own self, those emptied out and instead filled with the Lord’s Spirit…

To come to the Lord is to drop the facade of having life all figured out… to be willing to be still and be real and be with Jesus as the only Way… We carry our own cross, to take up the realization that we have to lift our burdens to hand them over… and we can surely give them to Jesus – Jesus wants them – Jesus wants us…

We all need to know Jesus already pre-advocates for us… we need to ask forgiveness… We need to hear Jesus say: “You are forgiven” – because we are.

The coins gained by Judas to give up the whereabouts of Jesus weren’t taken back because they were “blood money”… We are to remember Jesus’s blood was spilled in order to become the ransom for our sins – and His blood can never and will never be taken back – we are forever forgiven and saved…. all that was broken when blood was spilled: Jesus, the veil, the rocks, the tombs – all were broken to be OPENED to eternal life…

Jesus said “Remember me” – “Love me” – “Love our Father” – “Love each other”…. Jesus will ALWAYS remind us that we are LOVED. John 3:17 “For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world thru Him.”


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