Here to There, 16DEC – #778


here to there meme 778


Going from Here to There, 16DEC

Life is going from here to there.

If I am afraid of losing control,  I best give it up to Him first.

If I am afraid of struggling,  I best Be Still.

If I am nervous about the future, I should focus on the present.

If I stop worrying about where I am,  I am free to be THANKFUL for where I am NOT.

If I am afraid of the potholes of life, I best ask Jesus to be my bridge over them.

If I fret, I best remember that my forever future is secured.

Instead  of asking: “What’s in it for me?”, I best remember that I’m in it for Him!


In Life,

I just need to get from here to there.

I just need to be aware.

I need to not despair.

Jesus is already there.

I can’t imagine the future.

I can only live today.

I can do my best.

I will let the Lord take care of the rest.

Here to There, He’s everywhere.


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