Why Don’t I Dream About You Lord?, 20Dec



Why Don’t I Dream About You Lord?, 20Dec

Not that I need to spend my time questioning how the Lord works but I’m just curious… I’m always curious AND I’m grateful that I am curious about EVERYTHING.

I am grateful for sleep.  I often have the most elaborate dreams.  Obviously we don’t always remember our dreams and only remember a couple clips before we wake up. As for me, I sometimes dream so intensely that they are major Hollywood movies. I dream about people and situations that I need to process. Dreams tuck away loose half-finished thoughts and surely de-stress us by letting us think more clearly.

But I don’t dream about God or Jesus, hmmmm…. Do you????  Well, I don’t.  I wonder perhaps it is because all day I so often think about them and their guidance… (perhaps I think too much)… perhaps our dreams are not external to the Spirit’s workings, like our daytime humanness, but the nighttime workbench are where our human reasoning is finally sleeping and the Holy Spirit can get to work.  I am surely a piece of work!

Yes, the scriptures are full of occurrences of the Lord coming to people in their dreams. I don’t doubt that He works thru mine. I’m blessed that He does. But i don’t see Jesus sitting in the movie scenes. Maybe He’s always the director behind the camera? Surely the spirit of our dust particles are already in His production. I pray for pruning and that He leaves some aspects of my life on the cutting room floor. The Lord is the Word to help the world, not just the script of the scene. The Word of Him will walk us thru our lives.

Well, dreams….  I don’t know what human reasoning I can or should draw into my thoughts on my dreams and the Spirit.  I have no answers so I won’t worry about it. Simply I’m blessed to be curious and grateful that the Lord has this and LIFE under His control…

The Lord LOVES us.

No doubt.

Life is under the LORD’S CONTROL.

I’ll just be THANKFUL for that.


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