Spirit NON-Distancing, 11APR – #846



Spirit NON-Distancing, 11APR

Jesus sent direct messages to His Father through His internal connection of prayer as well as speaking out loud. We can too. Even in groaning, our prayers are understood.

When Jesus died on Good Friday – we call it GOOD because the veil in the temple was miraculously torn at the exact moment of His death – the symbolism is SO REAL – our path to God is opened,  we just have to push away the curtain and enter in…. Jesus came crossing onto Earth and then crossing back to Heaven, we are DIRECTLY connected to God – there is NO barrier.

Jesus also asked God the Father for the Holy Spirit to come to us,  as His advocate.  Now we have this immediate connection of being hard-wired internally for remote Holy access… God can use us, move us, block us, remote us in. He is our Lord. He is in us and us in Him.

Social Physical Distancing is the norm right now,  Spirit Distancing is NOT. Our bread of life, Jesus, is like spreading His sandwich bread and filling it to make Holy Spirit Double Decker Sandwiches… If Jesus is the Bread of Life and Jesus  is in each of us thru His Spirit, and we in Him, then we are OK moving our slices of bread a little further apart and letting the space instead be filled with Holy Spirit meat and cheese, veggies and sauces, “Oh God is so good”!

Each of us need to choose to FILL our gaps with Holy Growth and remember HOW we are connected even if we are far away… fill the space with Spirit not static…

Spirit NON-Distancing is the best thing since sliced bread.


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