Maybe My Faith Needed Oiling Too! 11APR – #847



Maybe My Faith Needed Oiling Too! 11APR

My sewing machine got stuck, a small but big issue because I was the one planning out my day, I even took half that Friday off to sew masks!!! Well, NO!!!  Tell God your plans and watch Him laugh!   It is a workhorse machine, it hardly ever fails,  but wow it was loaded with crud, and not oiled in a while,  and it got jammed…

But I write this observation NOT for an amazing machine,  but for observing an AMAZING GOD.

After 2 hours working on unsticking the machine that is still stuck, I observed that apparently God had other plans for me that day… Yup… instead of sewing, I spent the rest of Good Friday with my daughter and son, time best spent… delivered couple things to folks (drop and run), made plans to give fabric away to another mask making group, got takeout food, and slept well, knowing God was in control.

And after another hour oiling it today and removing crud, it now works,  but not before I organized and cleaned up my stuff, and did lots of other house stuff… I think God repurposed my time on purpose, YES… I know  He did, so I un-be-grudgidly repurposed my own time and stuff too.

More importantly, now I have a GREASED AND OILED FAITH too… See my prayers worked out for the machine,  but that’s NOT what really mattered today.  What REALLY mattered were my groans of prayers this morning, see my son awoke to say he was extra tired. And I heard one cough and I took his temp. 99. Sure you can say 99 is normal-ish, and no other coughing occurred,  but when he went back upstairs, I went on my KNEES in prayer… There is no better way recapturing your strength than to first fall on your knees to bow and submit to God when you are overcome with fear. I wasn’t overcome or overwhelmed,  but I knew I needed the Lord nothing else…. We can oil our oil knees to bow in submission. We have to oil our fading faith when we worry, we can know that our prayers are heard.

I got back up from my knees, grabbed cleaners and got busy, returned to being half Martha, but NEVER stopped listening like Mary. I was praying and submitting all my plans to the Lord at that moment. . . Jesus also AGREES THAT HE IS THE BEST PLANNER…

My son is fine! My freakout, but he’s fine… of course I took measured cautions and measured fear in portions with my faith, so I prayed HARD!!!  His temp was not high, I KNOW 99 IS FINE,  he didn’t feel warm either, said he usually is tired from sleeping too long, and yeah that mop of hair in the front surely raises him a degree on that forehead thermometer, LOL… He’s FINE, within half an hour said he felt much more awake… I also know that he is the least at risk being young… but on your knees,  you simply pray in wordless groans… Well, God is good and I am STILL PRAYING,  but this time it’s for normal stuff, which I have plenty of prayers for… Whew!!!

God knows how much I thank Him for my good kids. I know God answers prayers. I know.

Since all things good come from God, that means God listens really good!!!! I could have shared my “freak-out” with Facebook, but instead shared my “faith-out” with God,  He can oil your plans and keep you moving.

My faith got oiled today.  My squeaky prayers answered.

God is good…  Thanks God.  Tomorrow we celebrate Easter, I know that every day is YOUR DAY…




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