God Says: “Take a Hint”,16APR – #849


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God Says: “Take a Hint”, 16APR

I write thinking how we are just travelling through this world, yet our home is in heaven,  but we must make the most of each step here and now… there are good hints of how to live well and move on…

For example, I’ve been given hints, not quite like Paul who couldn’t go to Asia in the book of Acts, but hints that sometimes my act is NOT together. A small example: for some reason I am not in step yet for mask making! I’ve tried many times to find the time to sew masks, I keep hitting my own road blocks, maybe God says “take a hint” and do something else right now – there will be time for your agenda later. And yes, God not only hints but hammers home that my busy work work and my home work is important. God also hints that rest now is purposeful restful to gear up later…. So, my best mask elastic ran out, the extra wasn’t right, then my machine broke,  then I fixed it but I needed to test sizes, then my sizes were good but my new old elastic started coming loose. I thought I bought new elastic arriving this weekend but it is nowhere in my orders, boo. I never followed thru with the order… my mis-step of course, allowing God to say AGAIN “TAKE A HINT”… “WORK ON SOMETHING ELSE”…

But I did get like 40 masks made and given to neighbors and random people like the lady at the essential BUSY Rita’s water ice stand, I mean why not? She brought the hope of gelato normalcy to my kids, and I shared HOPE too… she said her husband  needed them to work construction, I was happy to help… when you keep your ears open for hearing hints, you can construct and share HOPE.

… and meanwhile, while my machine was broken, I gave away lots of HOPE, including 20 year old good fabric that I probably would have never gotten to use (I say that NOT to boast in American dream example of excessive living BUT because we all need to purge, giving things away before they rot)… I was able to absorb a lot of timeless HOPE and great fuzzy feelings giving away excess stockpiles… we certainly can share and feel helpful because our ability to bless mirrors when God says “don’t store up treasures here on earth”. So yes, clear your piles, take a hint, work on something else !!!

Not everyone has the same talents or missions from the Lord. Not all of our time needs to be filled either,  sometimes our time is simply for being still, being here, being present, being us.  My friend says: “why are you rushing to get everything done at once?  You can have everything in life, just not all at the same time.”

Sometimes we can end up being bewildered, so we best take stock, give half away,  and make room for new blessings… take a hint, God always wants NEW blessings for us.

Ultimately we can’t take anything with us… not our blessings of this life.

What we want to know and feel is the biggest hint of all: Grace – the gift of FOREVER FORGIVENESS that ONLY the Lord can bestow. The road map of the Kingdom is marked to lead us Home.

When we simply ask to Be His, we find out we already belonged to Him already, before we even believed.

And that’s all we really need to be, is really His.




Be blessed…

Be still…

Be real…

Be His!


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