My Father is ALWAYS Right, 16APR – #850



My Father is ALWAYS Right, 16APR

Well, my Father,  as in my Dad, is always full of wisdom and probably always right, even though I would have sometimes disagreed growing up…

My Father, as in Our Father in Heaven,  He is for sure always right.

Convergent advice both my Dad and Our Father have? Treat everyone with respect,  be helpful to all.

My Dad says treat everyone well on your way up,  because you never know when you will meet them on the way down. He says treat the custodian and the CEO the same. And he values a person who can sit down and have a cup of coffee with you,  in other words someone who doesn’t make themselves higher than they need to be… down to earth…

That advice about custodians and CEO’s??? SO FITTING for today I spoke with both! Guess whom I gave advice to, and whom gave me advice? Yup, as predicted by my Dad’s advice,  the custodian is whom gave me the best advice today,  filled with wisdom at age 85, he would be the one all of us should listen to.

The advice? Do a job well,  take care of the people whom you are employed to take care of, and never burn any bridges because you never know when circumstances change… the custodian came to my office and sat down giving me his wisdom… that’s what I will remember…

My conversation with the head boss was also fruitful as he was the one who wanted MY advice… and helping the managers set their manager’s tone is time well spent.

How does the Lord fit into all this? Listening,  learning,  sharing,  helping… we must ask why we are put into the positions we are put in. We are ACCOUNTABLE to Him to make the most of every moment. The Big Boss, Our Father, sets the tone.  He surely makes the weather and He wants us in ALIGNMENT with Him.

Our Lord Jesus serves. We need to SERVE like He does, not simply make small talk or give lip service, but LISTEN and meet the people where they are.  To reset our tone, we must give up our burdens, we need to shine the LIGHT and be the LIGHT while the LIGHT is still with us and in us.

We are to steady ourselves too, not be tossed by the wind and waves… and right ourselves because we do live in His Grace. And we have to keep walking…

My Dad would have been happy I had the opportunity to speak to the boss and tell him a piece of my mind, and ALSO listen to the wisdom of the custodian who shared his mindfulness with me.  My Dad is right, treat everyone well.

Our Heavenly Father, as shared thru His “Down to Earth” Son, is right too, saying: Love one another… Speak to each other in encouragement… Be real.

It is good to be walking and working in the Light FOR the Light…


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