We don’t always “get it”, but WE WILL – 02 MAY – #858


858, 02MAY

We don’t always “get it”, but WE WILL

What is going on today? Often we feel that we cannot understand all that goes on or thru our lives, nor have the mental capacity to process even a fraction. GOD KNOWS ALL but He WON’T tell all – He does tell us to trust Him.

In John’s account of the Last Supper, Jesus is explaining that He is leaving – that even if the disciples don’t understand all this heavy news now, THEY WILL… and if they don’t completely understand how it all comes together,  they will, but ONLY later… “I still have many things to tell you, but you can’t hear then now. When the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into the all the truth.” (v16)

Jesus didn’t need to tell His disciples everything, because He was with them, but now that He was going to be leaving thru crucifixion, He told them that they will need His Spirit to keep moving forward.  (We do too)

We also are on that same track – not always knowing why we are in a circumstance – but having been given the TRUTH, we are told to TRUST…

We are urged to have patience, perseverance as well as passion and praise – even in unknowns, for our future is secured by Jesus.  We stumble through life, and are picked up only by stumbling upon the TRUTH. We may live thru follies and frustrations, but we WILL get to a place where we WILL see it all fall into place. We won’t see it all now, nor could we. We won’t “get it” until we get to be where all is revealed – and we won’t need to look back, we will just need to be. We will just be.

Let’s hope that the Word permeates the world, so all will know that the Truth of Jesus leads the way.

Not now, but someday THIS DAY will be understood by us.

And someday, we will not even worry that we didn’t know.


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