Mega Micro Mega-phone Micro-Crab, My Lord, You ARE in Control, 07MAY – #859



Mega Micro Mega-phone Micro-Crab, My Lord, You ARE in Control, 07MAY

Don’t ever think that the Lord is not in control…

Don’t ever think that you overthink the complexities of the world – but DO think of the BIG as well as simple little things that the Lord has helped control for you, in you, with you helping… DO think what the Lord can reveal to you, and ask with all your heart. If you think Micro, you may understand Mega. If you think Mega you may understand that it covers all the Micro too. God has it all…

I may have told you that we found a lost hermit crab (that we named Christmas for his colorful shell) in the camp woods about 3 years ago – saw him on a path after discussing a gut feeling for us to walk one path over another – TRUST that gut feeling…

I may have told you that Anna S. (Christmas’s Grandma) and I didn’t want to be late for the supper bell – TRUST that calling.

I may have told you that we were amazed but left the crab there, OOPS – TRUST the OOPS feeling. We went back – because others reminded us that hermit crabs are not native to PA woods in chilly October. others urged us – we went back the next day – TRUST the people giving you advice.

There he was – there he was – there he was waiting for us (well how would we think like a crab? he was just existing) – TRUST the SOMEONE was thinking about him and about us – TRUST that the Spirit gives us time to think and to pray and to act… THINK about THINKING.

The Lord wants us to think about thinking.


My mistake – I took the crab out for exercising from his small enclosure and then I forgot about him – lost my thinking like leaving the stove on – Christmas was “lost” in my house for 18 hours or so – OOPS – honest mistake – we are honestly HUMAN – KNOW WE ARE HUMAN.  Think about forgiving our humanness.

PRAYER – RESCUE – HOPE – TRUST… I prayed and the Lord revealed a hunch and an image to me. TRUST that I am NOT making this up but that prayers and revealing and hunches are NORMAL – gut reactions are there for a reason… I found him within 3 minutes of my prayer and vision – whoda thunk? not me! whoda thunk that the Lord would use my forgetfulness to teach me something, that when I ask He answers. I pray to never forget that – HE is in control!

If the Lord thru my gut feeling can reveal the whereabouts of the smallest crab, in my MICRO life – then tell me how amazing the MEGA plan is – a plan to save the world before creating it!  Tell me that your gut reaction is WOW – tell me that you can’t imagine the unimaginable because I can’t imagine it either – but imagine TRUSTING the gut feeling that Jesus was planning on saving each of us before they created the world. I can only imagine that by faith not by sight.

Imagine how our joy gets cultivated by revelations and encouragements that there are no coincidences, imagine and experience the fun about little miracles of connective-ness. If you can imagine the Lord knowing the hairs on your head, you will believe it when He makes your hair stand on end! Surprised for the little coincidences of life – which are not co-incidences!

God-incidences all around…

Imagine me simply walking up to say “Hi” to someone I don’t know but while chatting they randomly ask: “do you have a megaphone? we need a megaphone for the National Day of Prayer parade.”   Well, yes, YES random questioning person, i do have a random megaphone that is not mine but in my office, purchased by a sweet friend. Well yes, how NOT random the Lord knew to connect the big MEGA things to make the MICRO things fall together – how NOT random…

How random the conversation drifted to hermit crabs – how NOT random that this person had a story about hermit crabs too – how NOT random that the Lord is in charge.

How NOT random that making people THINK and PRAY are all in the works for the Lord’s Day. How amazing is that EVERYDAY is the Lord’s Day…  How could we forget?

I’ll take my awe of You Mega and Micro-capable Lord, I’ll NOT wrap my head around the huge-ness of You Lord, but I will wrap my heart up in Your warm embrace and LOVE. I will take my Mega-phone and Micro-Crab and totally know that neither of them are mine – never were – but I was gifted the strange duties of holding on to them for Your Purposes.  I will not even think that my life is my life – that my time is anything but Your Time – I will try to reduce my bargaining my own time, remembering that it is from You Lord, Your good graces that I even wake up everyday! and it is of Your good mercy, Lord, that I get to actually sleep at night…

I believe that You Lord need us to tell of your God-incidences, God-winks, God-sightings…

I believe that You Lord need us working Your work in the world this whole while.

I believe that You Lord need us.

I KNOW that we need You!!!

I know you have the MEGA and the MICRO, You are in control.



Jesus looked toward heaven and prayed:

Father, the hour has come. Glorify your Son, that your Son may glorify you. For you granted him authority over all people that he might give eternal life to all those you have given him. Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent. I have brought you glory on earth by finishing the work you gave me to do. And now, Father, glorify me in your presence with the glory I had with you BEFORE THE WORLD BEGAN.John 17

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